Synonyms and Antonyms of get

  1. 1 to acquire complete knowledge, understanding, or skill in I'm not sure I ever got the new math Synonyms of get learn, master, pick upWords Related to get apprehend, comprehend, grasp, know, understand; absorb, assimilate, digest, drink (in), imbibe; ascertain, descry, detect, determine, dig up, discern, discover, examine, find out, hear, hit (on or upon), run down, scare up, search (for), see, track (down), tumble (to), unearth; major (in), study; memorizeNear Antonyms of get forget; misunderstand; miss, overlook; disregard, ignore, neglectAntonyms of get unlearn

  2. 2 to become affected with (a disease or disorder) don't cough on me—I don't want to get your cold Synonyms of get catch, come down (with), contract, go down (with) [chiefly British], sicken (with), takeWords Related to get break out (with); die (from), succumb (to); fail, languish, sink, waste (away), weaken, wilt, wither, worsenNear Antonyms of get come back, gain, heal, mend, recoup, recover, recuperate, snap back; rally, rebound, recover (from), shake (off)

  3. 3 to become the father of Abraham was quite old when he got Isaac, his only son Synonyms of get beget, father, sireWords Related to get multiply, procreate, propagate, reproduce, spawn; bear, engender, gender, generate, produce

  4. 4 to cause (someone) to agree with a belief or course of action by using arguments or earnest requests tried to get the mayor to let us stage the concert in the town square, but she refused Synonyms of get argue, bring, bring around, convert, convince, gain, persuade, induce, move, prevail (on or upon), satisfy, talk (into), win (over)Words Related to get blandish, blarney, cajole, coax, entreat, exhort, fast-talk, urge, wheedle; allure, beguile, lead on, lure, seduce, snow, tempt; brainwash, overpersuade; incline, influence, move, prompt, sell, sway; attract, draw, entice, interest; chew over, converse, debate, discuss, dispute, hash (over), moot; reason (with)Near Antonyms of get deter, discourage, dissuade, unsell

  5. 5 to come upon after searching, study, or effort redid the math problem until I got the right answer Synonyms of get ascertain, descry, detect, determine, dig out, dig up, discover, dredge (up), ferret (out), find out, find, hit (on or upon), hunt (down or up), learn, locate, nose out, root (out), rout (out), rummage, run down, scare up, scout (up), track (down), turn upWords Related to get espy, sight, spot; look for, search (for or out), seekNear Antonyms of get lose, mislay, misplace, missetAntonyms of get miss, overlook, pass over

  6. 6 to disturb the peace of mind of (someone) especially by repeated disagreeable acts continuously clearing your throat like that is starting to get to me Synonyms of get aggravate, annoy, bother, bug, burn (up), chafe, eat, exasperate, frost, gall, irritate, grate, gripe, hack (off), irk, itch, nark [British], nettle, peeve, persecute, pique, put out, rasp, rile, ruffle, spite, vexWords Related to get hassle, heckle; nag; inflame (also enflame), provoke, rouse; badger, bait, bullyrag (also ballyrag), devil, hagride, harass, harry, pester, plague, tease; anger, antagonize, enrage, incense, infuriate, madden, rankle, roil; agitate, discomfort, discompose, disquiet, distress, exercise, freak (out), fret, perturb, undo, unhinge, unsettle, upset, worry; affront, insult, miff, offend, outrageNear Antonyms of get appease, conciliate, mollify, oblige, pacify, placate, propitiate; delight, gladden, gratify, please, satisfy; assure, cheer, comfort, console, content, quiet, reassure, solace, soothe

  7. 7 to eventually have as a state or quality it's going to get colder as winter approaches Synonyms of get come, become, go, grow, run, turn, waxWords Related to get alter, change, metamorphose, modify, mutate, transfigure, transform, transmuteNear Antonyms of get abide, be, continue, linger, remain, stay

  8. 8 to receive as return for effort got an A on his final paper Synonyms of get acquire, attain, bag, bring in, capture, carry, come by, draw, gain, garner, earn, knock down, land, make, obtain, procure, pull down, realize, reap, secure, winWords Related to get clear, gross, net; accomplish, achieve, notch (up), score; accumulate, amass, draw, rack up; catch, pick up; annex, occupy, take over; reacquire, reattain, recapture, regain, remakeNear Antonyms of get accord, give, grant, pay; give up, hand over, part (with), relinquish, surrender, yieldAntonyms of get forfeit, lose

  9. 9 to have a clear idea of she was speaking so fast—did you get what she said? Synonyms of get appreciate, apprehend, assimilate, behold, catch, catch on (to), cognize, compass, conceive, cotton (to or on to), decipher, decode, dig, discern, comprehend, grasp, grok, intuit, know, make, make out, perceive, recognize, register, savvy, see, seize, sense, tumble (to), twig, understandWords Related to get absorb, digest, take in; realize; fathom, penetrate, pierceNear Antonyms of get misapprehend, misconceive, misconstrue, misinterpret, misperceive, misread, mistake, misunderstandAntonyms of get miss

  10. 10 to take physical control or possession of (something) suddenly or forcibly the defense tackled the running back and got the ball Synonyms of get bag, capture, collar, cop [slang], corral, catch, glom, grab, grapple, hook, land, nab, nail, net, nobble [British slang], rap, seize, snag, snap (up), snare, snatch, trapWords Related to get glove, halter, lasso, rope; apprehend, arrest, detain; bay, corner; clasp, clutch, fasten (on), fist, grasp, grip, hold, latch (on or onto), secure; rend, wrest; enmesh (also immesh), ensnare, entangle, entrap, mesh; abduct, kidnap, spirit (away or off)Near Antonyms of get discharge, free, liberate, release; drop, loosen, unhandAntonyms of get miss

  11. 11 to leave a place often for another will get away to the Bahamas for a vacation Synonyms of get bail, bail out, begone, book [slang], bugger off [British slang], bug off, bug out, buzz (off), clear off [chiefly British], clear out, cut out, depart, dig out, exit, go, get off, go off, move, pack (up or off), part, peel off, pike (out or off), pull out, push off, push on, quit, run along, sally (forth), scarper [British], shove (off), step (along), take off, vamoose, walk outWords Related to get set out, start, strike out; abscond, decamp, escape, evacuate, flee, fly, get out, mizzle [chiefly British], run away, scat, scram, skip; go out, light out, step out; abandon, desert, forsake, vacate; emigrate; adjourn, remove, retire, retreat, withdrawNear Antonyms of get abide, dwell, lodge, remain, settle, stay, tarry; approach, close, near; hit, land, reachAntonyms of get arrive, come, show up, turn up

  12. 12 to achieve a victory over you may have won this game, but I'll get you next time Synonyms of get best, conquer, defeat, dispatch, do down [British], beat, get around, lick, master, overbear, overcome, overmatch, prevail (over), skunk, stop, subdue, surmount, take, trim, triumph (over), upend, win (against), worstWords Related to get sweep; edge (out), nose out, pip [British]; annihilate, blow away, blow out, bomb, break, bury, clobber, cream, crush, drub, finish, flatten, overwhelm, rout, shellac, skin, slaughter, smoke [slang], snow under, thrash, trounce, upset, wallop, wax [slang], whip; cap, excel, flourish, score, succeed; knock off, knock over, overpower, overthrow, subjugate, unseat, vanquish; ace (out), better, eclipse, exceed, excel, outdistance, outdo, outfight, outshine, outstrip, overtop, surpass, top, transcendNear Antonyms of get fall, give up, go down, go under; collapse, fail, flop, flunk, fold, wash outAntonyms of get lose (to)

  13. 13 to transmit information or requests to I've been trying all day, but I can't get either of them in order to ask the question Synonyms of get address, communicate (with), contact, reachWords Related to get get through (to); acquaint, advise, apprise, brief, clue, enlighten, familiarize, fill in, inform, instruct, notify, tell, wise (up); buzz, call, phone, ring (up) [chiefly British], telephone; keep up (with)

  14. 14 to put to death deliberately “I'll get you if you talk to the cops,” the loan shark warned Synonyms of get assassinate, bump off, croak [slang], dispatch, do in, execute, murder, ice [slang], knock off, liquidate, neutralize, off [slang], put away, rub out, slay, snuff, take out, terminate, whack [slang]Words Related to get blow away, shoot, shoot down; blot out, carry off, claim, cut down, destroy, fell, kill, smite, zap; butcher, massacre, mow (down), slaughter; annihilate, eliminate, eradicate, exterminate, wipe outNear Antonyms of get animate, raise, restore, resurrect, resuscitate, revive

  15. 15 to throw into a state of mental uncertainty what gets me is why she would do such a weird thing Synonyms of get addle, baffle, bamboozle, beat, befog, befuddle, bemuse, bewilder, buffalo, confound, discombobulate, disorient, flummox, fox, fuddle, confuse, gravel, maze, muddle, muddy, mystify, perplex, pose, puzzle, vexWords Related to get stick, stump, weird out; abash, discomfit, disconcert, discountenance, embarrass, faze, fluster, mortify, nonplus, rattle; agitate, bother, chagrin, discomfort, discompose, dismay, disquiet, distress, disturb, perturb, stun, unhinge, unsettle, upset; beguile, cozen, deceive, delude, dupe, fool, gull, hoax, hoodwink, humbug, misguide, mislead, snow, string along, take in, trickNear Antonyms of get assure, reassure, satisfy; enlighten, inform



Synonyms and Antonyms of get

  1. the descendants of a person, animal, or plant in some animal species, a new mate will refuse to raise another male's get Synonyms of get fruit, offspring, issue, posterity, progeny, seed, spawnWords Related to get brood, hatch, litter, young; child, scion; family, kin; lineage, stockNear Antonyms of get ancestor, antecedent, father, forebear (also forbear), forebearer, forefather, grandfather, parent, primogenitor, progenitor

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to cause to suffer severely from hunger

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