Synonyms and Antonyms of recover

  1. 1 to get again in one's possession after fishing around in the garbage for 10 minutes, I was able to recover my lost keys Synonyms get back, reacquire, recapture, reclaim, re-collect, recoup, regain, repossess, retake, retrieve Related Words recruit, replenish; redeem, repurchase; rescue Near Antonyms lose, mislay, misplace

  2. 2 to regain a former or normal state after a disastrous first half, the team was able to recover and pull off a victory Synonyms bounce (back), come back, rally, rebound, snap back Related Words reanimate, revitalize, revive Phrases make (or stage) a comeback Near Antonyms decline, fail, worsen

  3. 3 to become healthy and strong again after illness or weakness I see you're recovering well from the accident Synonyms come back, gain, heal, mend, pull round [chiefly British], rally, recoup, convalesce, recuperate, snap backRelated Words come around, come round, come to, improve, pick up, revive; cheer (up), perk (up); pull through, survive; recruitNear Antonyms ail, collapse, come down, sicken; decline, degenerate, deteriorate, fade, fail, languish, sink, waste (away), weaken, wilt, wither, worsen; regress, relapse

  4. 4 to obtain (a raw material) by separating it from a by-product or waste product the process of recovering aluminum from old cans Synonyms reclaim, recycleRelated Words reuse; process, reprocess

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