Synonyms and Antonyms of fail

  1. 1 to stop functioning my video camera failed just as I was about to shoot the big moment Synonyms break, break down, conk (out), crash, cut out, die, give out, stall Related Words fizzle, sputter, wheeze; act up, malfunction; jam Antonyms start (up)

  2. 2 to be unsuccessful despite all the publicity, the movie failed miserably at the box office Synonyms bomb, collapse, crater, flame out, flop, flunk, fold, founder, miss, strike out, tank, wash out Related Words flounder, struggle; decline, sink, skid, slip, slump, wane; crash, crumble, miscarry, misfire; go under; implode, self-destruct Phrases come a cropper, come to grief, come up empty, die on the vine, fall flat, fall on one's face, fall short, lay an egg Near Antonyms cook, flourish, prosper, thrive; prevail, triumph, win Antonyms click, come off, deliver, go, go over, pan out, succeed, work out

  3. 3 to fall short in satisfying the expectation or hope of although the minor-league franchise continues to fail local fans, hope springs eternal Synonyms cheat, dissatisfy, disappoint, let downRelated Words bum (out), chagrin, discontent, disgruntle, displease, distress, upset; disenchant, disillusion; deceive, delude, mockNear Antonyms fulfill (or fulfil); gladdenAntonyms content, gratify, satisfy

  4. 4 to lose bodily strength or vigor ever since she reached the age of 90, Grandma has been noticeably failing Synonyms decay, droop, emaciate, fade, weaken, flag, go, lag, languish, sag, sink, waste (away), wilt, witherRelated Words break down, wear out; yield; degenerate, deteriorate, rot, run downNear Antonyms convalesce, rally, rebound, recover, recuperate; gain

  5. 5 to miss the opportunity or obligation failed to mention that he had already been paid for the job by the homeowner's wife Synonyms neglect, forget, omitRelated Words disregard, ignore, overlook, overpass, pass over, pretermit, slight; slide, slip; default; skipNear Antonyms heed, mind, remember; keep, observe; carry out, do, execute, perform, practice (also practise); discharge, fulfill (or fulfil), meet, satisfy; comply (with)

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