Synonyms and Antonyms of perform

  1. 1 to carry through (as a process) to completion she performed the task quickly and expertly Synonyms accomplish, achieve, bring off, carry off, carry out, commit, compass, do, execute, follow through (with), fulfill (or fulfil), make, negotiate, perpetrate, prosecute, pull off, put through Related Words bring about, effect, effectuate, implement; ace, nail; engage (in), practice (also practise); work (at); reduplicate, reenact, repeat; actualize, attain, realize; complete, end, finish, wind up Phrases go through Near Antonyms fail; skimp, slight, slur

  2. 2 to have a certain purpose the kidneys perform as a filtering system for the blood Synonyms act, function, serve, workRelated Words operate, run; administer, carry on, control, direct, guide, handle, manage, oversee, regulate, supervise

  3. 3 to present a portrayal or performance of has always dreamed of performing Hamlet on stage Synonyms do, impersonate, interpret, act, play, portrayRelated Words depict, dramatize, render, represent; act out, enact, pantomime, playact, role-play, take on; overact, overplay, underplay; ape, clown, ham, imitate, masquerade, mime, mimic, pose (as); star (in); coact, costar

  4. 4 to produce a desired effect the new medication performed surprisingly well Synonyms operate, act, take, workRelated Words behave, react, respond; affect, influence, sway; pan out, redound, resultNear Antonyms backfire; fizzle

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feeling or affected by lethargy

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