Synonyms and Antonyms of negotiate

  1. 1 to bring about through discussion and compromise wanted to negotiate a higher salary before she accepted the job offer Synonyms arrange, bargain, concert, conclude Related Words settle (on or upon); chaffer, deal, dicker, haggle, horse-trade, palter; agree; contract, covenant; argue, debate, discuss, hammer out, hash (over), reason, talk, talk over, work out; renegotiate

  2. 2 to deal with (something) usually skillfully or efficiently she's good at negotiating personality conflicts between coworkers Synonyms address, contend (with), cope (with), field, grapple (with), hack, manage, maneuver, manipulate, handle, play, swing, take, treatRelated Words engineer, finesse, jockey; bring off, carry off, carry out, get off, pull; command, direct, guide, steer; control, micromanage, regulate, run; react (to), respond (to)Near Antonyms botch, bungle, foozle, fumble, goof (up), louse up, mess (up), mishandle, muff, scamp

  3. 3 to plan out usually with subtle skill or care the prisoners negotiated their escape by using Morse code to tap messages to each other through the walls Synonyms contrive, finagle, finesse, frame, machinate, maneuver, manipulate, mastermind, engineer, wangleRelated Words arrange, concert, conclude, hammer out, work out; angle (for), compass, intrigue, plot, scheme; connive; brew, concoct, cook (up), hatch; captain, command, conduct, direct, handle, manage, quarterback, run; gerrymanderNear Antonyms blow, bobble, botch, bungle, butcher, flub, fumble, gum (up), louse up, mangle, mess (up), mishandle, muff

  4. 4 to talk over or dispute the terms of a purchase told them I'd take $8,000 for the car and wasn't in the mood to negotiate Synonyms chaffer, deal, dicker, haggle, horse-trade, bargain, palterRelated Words argue, bicker, clash, fight, hassle, quarrel, quibble, squabble, wrangle; comparison shop, shop (around); barter, exchange, trade; hawk, peddle; buy, purchase

  5. 5 to carry through (as a process) to completion scores of experiments later, the chemists managed to negotiate the development of a more durable polymer Synonyms accomplish, achieve, bring off, carry off, carry out, commit, compass, do, execute, follow through (with), fulfill (or fulfil), make, perform, perpetrate, prosecute, pull off, put throughRelated Words bring about, effect, effectuate, implement; ace, nail; engage (in), practice (also practise); work (at); reduplicate, reenact, repeat; actualize, attain, realize; complete, end, finish, wind upNear Antonyms fail; skimp, slight, slur

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