Synonyms and Antonyms of bargain

  1. 1 something bought or offered for sale at a desirable price those shoes were a bargain because the store was going out of business Synonyms buy, deal, pennyworth, snip [British], steal Related Words clearance, closeout, markdown; cheapie; bonus, freebie (or freebee), gift, giveaway, premium, present; boon, windfall Near Antonyms gouging, overcharge, rip-off, soaking; markup, surcharge; extravagance, luxury

  2. 2 an arrangement about action to be taken made a bargain that one would help the other next week Synonyms accord, agreement, compact, contract, convention, covenant, deal, disposition, pact, settlement, understandingRelated Words charter, treaty; binder, pledge, promise; alliance, association, entente, entente cordiale, league, partnership; acceptance, approval, assent, concurrence, consent, OK (or okay)



Synonyms and Antonyms of bargain

  1. 1 to talk over or dispute the terms of a purchase they bargained with the car salesman for half an hour before settling on a price Synonyms chaffer, deal, dicker, haggle, horse-trade, negotiate, palter Related Words argue, bicker, clash, fight, hassle, quarrel, quibble, squabble, wrangle; comparison shop, shop (around); barter, exchange, trade; hawk, peddle; buy, purchase Phrases cut a deal, wheel and deal

  2. 2 to come to an arrangement as to a course of action I really hadn't bargained on buying a whole case of Girl Scout cookies, just a couple of boxes Synonyms agree, contract, covenantRelated Words come around, come round; subscribe, underwrite; arrange, settleNear Antonyms differ, dissent; cancel, renege, revoke; argue, contest, dispute, objectAntonyms disagree

  3. 3 to bring about through discussion and compromise bargained the price of the painting down to a figure that the artist could still live with Synonyms arrange, negotiate, concert, concludeRelated Words settle (on or upon); chaffer, deal, dicker, haggle, horse-trade, palter; agree; contract, covenant; argue, debate, discuss, hammer out, hash (over), reason, talk, talk over, work out; renegotiate

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