Synonyms and Antonyms of differ

  1. 1 to be unlike; to not be the same my brother and I differ markedly in the way we handle money Synonyms contrast, vary Related Words deviate, diverge, divide, fluctuate, separate Near Antonyms accord, agree, conform, correspond Antonyms compare, match

  2. 2 to have a different opinion after much arguing, we simply have agreed to differ about the issue Synonyms disagree, dissent, nonconcurRelated Words clash, collide, conflict, contrast; counter, debate, object, oppose, protest, resist; contest, dispute; argue, bicker, fall out, quarrelNear Antonyms accede, accept, acquiesce, comply, consent, defer, subscribe; affiliate, ally, associate, collaborate, collude, come round, compromise, cooperate, get along, sideAntonyms agree, assent, concur

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