Word of the Day : October 26, 2021


adjective FASS-ul

What It Means

Facile means "too easily accomplished or attained."

// The facts of the unsolved mystery were intriguing, but the author's conclusion was facile.

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"It feels as though the songs just came to be. They reveal a facile elegance that does not let on the laborious writing and technical work that went into their creation." — Julien A. Luebbers, The Spokesman Review (Spokane, Washington), 20 Aug. 2021

Did You Know?

Facile comes from the Latin facilis, meaning "easy," and facere, "to make or do." The adjective can mean "easy" or "easily done," as befits its Latin roots, but it now often adds the meaning of undue haste or shallowness, as in "facile answers to complex questions."


Fill in the blanks to complete a noun that derives from Latin facere and means "an overabundant supply": s _ _ f _ _ _.



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