Synonyms and Antonyms of convention

  1. 1 a coming together of a number of persons for a specified purpose attended a convention of mathematicians in California Synonyms assembly, congress, meeting, convocation, council, gathering, get-together, huddle, powwowRelated Words clinic, workshop; cabinet, caucus, conclave, synod; demonstration, rally; confab, conversation, dialogue (also dialog), discourse, discussion, palaver, talk; negotiation, parley, summit; conference, forum, round-robin, roundtable, seminar, symposium; audience, interview, session

  2. 2 a formal agreement between two or more nations or peoples an international convention banning the spread of nuclear weapons Synonyms accord, alliance, compact, treaty, covenant, pactRelated Words entente, entente cordiale; bargain, bond, charter, concord, contract, deal, settlement, understanding; projet

  3. 3 an arrangement about action to be taken the Geneva Convention details proper treatment of prisoners of war Synonyms accord, bargain, compact, contract, agreement, covenant, deal, disposition, pact, settlement, understandingRelated Words charter, treaty; binder, pledge, promise; alliance, association, entente, entente cordiale, league, partnership; acceptance, approval, assent, concurrence, consent, OK (or okay)

  4. 4 an inherited or established way of thinking, feeling, or doing the bride decided to follow convention and to have her father give her away Synonyms tradition, custom, heritage, prescription, rubric, ruleRelated Words ethic, form, mode, mores, norm, principles, standards, values; birthright, inheritance, legacy; folklore, lore, superstition; culture, lifestyle

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