Synonyms and Antonyms of league

  1. 1 a group of persons formally joined together for some common interest a league of concerned parishioners who are seeking a greater voice in church affairs Synonyms board, brotherhood, chamber, club, college, congress, consortium, council, fellowship, fraternity, guild (also gild), institute, institution, association, order, organization, society, sodalityRelated Words collective, commune, community, cooperative; alliance, bloc, camp, coalition, partnership; body, cadre, group; circle, clan, clique, coterie, junta, junto, klatch (also klatsch), lot, set; crew, outfit, party, squad, team; branch, chapter, local; faithful, fold, membership; sisterhood, sorority; cabal, camarilla, camorra, confederacy, conspiracy; band, gang, ring; cartel, combine, syndicate

  2. 2 an association of persons, parties, or states for mutual assistance and protection created to avert future wars, the League of Nations was a forerunner of the United Nations Synonyms alliance, axis, bloc, block, coalition, combination, combine, confederation, federation, confederacy, unionRelated Words cabal, conspiracy, junto; cartel, syndicate, trust; faction, front, fusion, side, wing; association, group, organization; affiliation, cooperative, partnership; circuit, conference

  3. 3 one of the units into which a whole is divided on the basis of a common characteristic that falls into a different league of fiction—the popular novel Synonyms bracket, category, classification, division, family, genus, grade, group, kind, class, order, rank(s), rubric, set, species, tier, typeRelated Words description, feather, ilk, kidney, like, manner, nature, sort; branch, section, speciality, specialty, subclass, subdivision, subgroup, subspecies, variety; breed, race; generation; heading, label, title



Synonyms and Antonyms of league

  1. 1 to form or enter into an association that furthers the interests of its members the whole block leagued together to keep a liquor store from opening in their neighborhood Synonyms associate, band (together), club, coalesce, cohere, confederate, conjoin, cooperate, federate, ally, uniteRelated Words cabal, collaborate, gang up, hang together, team (up); incorporate, organize, unionize; affiliate; amalgamate, combine, conglomerate, consolidate, converge, group, join, merge; knot, link, tie, wedNear Antonyms detach, disengage, dissolve, disunite, divorce, part, segregate, separate, sever, split, sunder; alienate, estrange, fall outAntonyms break up, disband

  2. 2 to participate or assist in a joint effort to accomplish an end some unlikely political bedfellows leagued together to get the bill passed Synonyms band (together), collaborate, concert, concur, conjoin, conspire, join, cooperate, team (up), uniteRelated Words connive; affiliate, ally, associate, combine, confederate, hang together, interface

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