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  1. 1 to come together to form a single unit several streets conjoin to form the crossroads known as New York's Times Square Synonyms associate, coalesce, combine, unite, conjugate, connect, couple, fuse, interfuse, join, link (up), marry, unifyRelated Words mate, yoke; ally, confederate, league; chain, compound, hitch, hook, splice; assemble, cluster, congregate, constellate, convene, gather, meet; recombine, reconnect, rejoin, reunify, reuniteNear Antonyms detach, disaffiliate, disconnect, disjoin, disjoint, dissociate, disunite, divide, divorce, fractionate, isolate, resolve, uncouple, unyoke; disband, disperse, scatterAntonyms break up, dissever, part, section, separate, sever, split, sunder, unlink

  2. 2 to form or enter into an association that furthers the interests of its members small farmers had to conjoin in order to compete with the agricultural conglomerates Synonyms associate, band (together), club, coalesce, cohere, confederate, ally, cooperate, federate, league, uniteRelated Words cabal, collaborate, gang up, hang together, team (up); incorporate, organize, unionize; affiliate; amalgamate, combine, conglomerate, consolidate, converge, group, join, merge; knot, link, tie, wedNear Antonyms detach, disengage, dissolve, disunite, divorce, part, segregate, separate, sever, split, sunder; alienate, estrange, fall outAntonyms break up, disband

  3. 3 to participate or assist in a joint effort to accomplish an end government agencies and private charities have conjoined to bring relief to the famine-stricken nation Synonyms band (together), collaborate, concert, concur, cooperate, conspire, join, league, team (up), uniteRelated Words connive; affiliate, ally, associate, combine, confederate, hang together, interface

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