Synonyms and Antonyms of conspire

  1. 1 to engage in a secret plan to accomplish evil or unlawful ends conspired to replace the leader with someone more easily influenced Synonyms collude, compass, connive, plot, contrive, intrigue, machinate, put up, schemeRelated Words counterplot; brew, concoct, cook (up), devise, hatch; engineer, jockey, maneuver, manipulate; design, frame, lay out, map, plan, shape

  2. 2 to participate or assist in a joint effort to accomplish an end foul weather and airline foul-ups seemed to be conspiring to ruin our vacation Synonyms band (together), collaborate, concert, concur, conjoin, cooperate, join, league, team (up), uniteRelated Words connive; affiliate, ally, associate, combine, confederate, hang together, interface

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