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  1. 1 a method worked out in advance for achieving some objective she always achieves her objective by design rather than by luck Synonyms arrangement, blueprint, plan, game, game plan, ground plan, master plan, program, project, road map, scheme, strategy, systemRelated Words collusion, conspiracy, plot; contrivance, device, gambit, maneuver, ruse, stratagem, subterfuge, trick; counterplan, counterstrategy; means, tactic, technique, way; procedure, protocol; conception, idea, projet, proposal, specific(s), specification(s); aim, intent, intention, purpose; diagram, formula, layout, map, pattern, platform, policy, recipe, setup

  2. 2 a secret plan for accomplishing evil or unlawful ends the adventurer had devised an elaborate design to get the widow's fortune Synonyms conspiracy, plot, intrigue, machination, schemeRelated Words counterconspiracy, counterplot; frame-up; manipulation, subterfuge, trickery; artifice, contrivance, cover-up, dodge, draft, maneuver, stratagem, trick; cabal, confederacy, ring; game, gimmick, racket; ground plan, program, strategy, system; collusion, complicity, connivance, conniving, conspiration

  3. 3 something that one hopes or intends to accomplish the immigrant laborer had ambitious designs in mind for his daughter Synonyms aim, ambition, aspiration, bourne (also bourn), goal, dream, end, idea, ideal, intent, intention, mark, meaning, object, objective, plan, point, pretension, purpose, target, thingRelated Words grail, holy grail; plot, project, scheme; desire, hope, mind, wish; nirvana; destination, terminusNear Antonyms means, method, way

  4. 4 a unit of decoration that is repeated all over something (as a fabric) the curtains have a lovely floral design Synonyms pattern, figure, motif, motiveRelated Words scheme; device; adornment, caparison, decoration, embellishment, frill, garnish, ornament, trim

  5. 5 the way in which the elements of something (as a work of art) are arranged the design of the building's lobby encourages the free flow of traffic Synonyms arrangement, configuration, constellation, composition, form, format, getup, layout, makeup, ordonnance, patternRelated Words motif, theme



Synonyms and Antonyms of design

  1. 1 to have in mind as a purpose or goal early on she had designed to a top position in a major insurance company Synonyms aim, allow [chiefly Southern & Midland], aspire, calculate, contemplate, intend, go [chiefly Southern & Midland], look, mean, meditate, plan, propose, purport, purposeRelated Words dream, hope, wish; consider, debate, mull (over), ponder; attempt, endeavor, strive, struggle, try; plot, scheme; accomplish, achieve, effect, execute, perform

  2. 2 to work out the details of (something) in advance the foreman designed a better layout for the factory floor to improve efficiency Synonyms arrange, blueprint, budget, calculate, chart, choreograph, plan, frame, lay out, map (out), organize, prepare, project, scheme (out), shape, strategize (about)Related Words conspire, contrive, devise, intrigue, machinate, plot, put up; concert, get up; draft, outline, sketch; aim, figure, have on, intend, mean; contemplate, meditate, premeditate

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