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  1. 1 a person or thing that is the object of abuse, criticism, or ridicule the hapless vice president quickly became the favorite target of late-night comedians Synonyms butt, mark, prey, sitting duck, victim Related Words laughingstock, mockery, pilgarlic; lightning rod; fall guy, goat, scapegoat, whipping boy Near Antonyms gossip, gossiper, talebearer, tattler, tattletale, troublemaker; defamer, libeler, libelist, traducer; baiter, heckler, needler, ribber, taunter, tease, teaser, tormentor (also tormenter), torturer; derider, insulter, mocker, ridiculer, scoffer, scorner; caricaturist, lampooner, parodist, satirist

  2. 2 a person or thing that is made fun of after my botched haircut, I became the target of lots of jokes at school Synonyms butt, derision, jest, joke, mark, mock, mockery, sport, laughingstockRelated Words chump, dupe, fall guy, fool, gull, monkey, pigeon, sap, sucker, victimNear Antonyms darling, favorite, pet

  3. 3 something that one hopes or intends to accomplish our target is to raise $100,000 for a new playground by August Synonyms aim, ambition, aspiration, bourne (also bourn), design, dream, end, idea, ideal, intent, intention, mark, meaning, object, objective, plan, point, pretension, purpose, goal, thingRelated Words grail, holy grail; plot, project, scheme; desire, hope, mind, wish; nirvana; destination, terminusNear Antonyms means, method, way

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