Synonyms and Antonyms of sport

  1. 1 activity engaged in to amuse oneself I don't care terribly whether I actually catch any fish, as I'm just doing this for sport Synonyms dalliance, frolic, frolicking, fun, fun and games, recreation, relaxation, rollicking, playRelated Words gamboling (or gambolling), romping; amusement, diversion, entertainment; hobby, hobbyhorse, pastime; delight, enjoyment, pleasance, pleasure; friskiness, playfulness, sportiveness, wantonness; devilment, devilry (or deviltry), hanky-panky, hob, impishness, jinks, knavery, mischief, mischievousness, rascality, roguishness, waggery; binge, fling, kick, lark, revel, rollick, spree; hilarity, merriment, merrymaking, revelry, whoopee; buffoonery, high jinks (also hijinks), horseplay, tomfooleryNear Antonyms drudgery, labor, work; duty, obligation, responsibility

  2. 2 an attitude or manner not to be taken seriously teasing that began in sport ended with some hateful words being exchanged Synonyms game, jest, play, funRelated Words facetiousness, flightiness, flippancy, frivolity, frivolousness, frothiness, levity, light-mindedness, sillinessNear Antonyms earnestness, gravity, seriousness, soberness, sobriety, solemnityAntonyms earnest

  3. 3 the making of unkind jokes as a way of showing one's scorn for someone or something several of the kids routinely made sport of their classmate's speech impediment Synonyms derision, mockery, ridiculeRelated Words contempt, disdain, scorn; belittlement, deprecation, disparagement; catcall, insult, put-down; laughter, snickering; burlesque, caricature, mimicry, pasquinade, satireNear Antonyms applause, approval, commendation, praise

  4. 4 a person or thing that is made fun of in a society where unmarried women had no status, a spinster was often the long-suffering sport of the village Synonyms butt, derision, jest, joke, mark, mock, mockery, laughingstock, targetRelated Words chump, dupe, fall guy, fool, gull, monkey, pigeon, sap, sucker, victimNear Antonyms darling, favorite, pet



Synonyms and Antonyms of sport

  1. 1 to engage in activity for amusement from sailing to snorkeling, each day we sported at a different activity offered by the beach resort Synonyms dally, disport, frolic, recreate, rollick, skylark, play, toyRelated Words cavort, frisk, gambol, romp; dabble, trifle; amuse, divert, entertain; delight, please; dabble, fiddle (around), mess around, putter (around); bum (around), dawdle, goldbrick, hang, hang about [British], idle, loaf, lounge (around or about), relax, rest, screw around, slack (off); jest, joke, teaseNear Antonyms drudge, labor, plod, plug (away), slave, strain, strive, struggle, sweat, toil, work

  2. 2 to play and run about happily the millionaire's grandchildren sporting on the estate's spacious grounds Synonyms caper, cavort, disport, frisk, gambol, lark, rollick, romp, frolicRelated Words bound, hop, leap, lope, skip, spring, trip, tumble; curvet, dance, prance; carouse, revel, roister; carry on, fool around, horse around; clown, cut up; joyride, roughhouse, skylark; kiteNear Antonyms mope, pout, stew, sulk

  3. 3 to present so as to invite notice or attention sported his flashy new car by driving it all over town Synonyms display, disport, exhibit, expose, flash, flaunt, lay out, parade, produce, show off, show, strut, unveilRelated Words brandish, flourish, wave; advertise, air, announce, blaze, broadcast, herald, placard, post, proclaim, publicize, sound, trumpet; divulge, talk (about), tell (of); bare, discover, reveal, uncloak, uncover, unmaskNear Antonyms camouflage, disguise, mask; conceal, cover, curtain, enshroud, hide, obscure, occlude, occult, shroud, veil

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