Synonyms and Antonyms of skylark

  1. 1 to engage in attention-getting playful or boisterous behavior couldn't resist the temptation to skylark as commencement ceremonies came to a close Synonyms act up, clown (around), fool around, horse around, hotdog, monkey (around), showboat, show off, cut upRelated Words carry on, misbehave; roughhouse; caper, cavort, disport, frisk, frolic, gambol, lark, rollick, romp; carouse, maffick, revel, roar, wassail

  2. 2 to engage in activity for amusement he spends his time joking and skylarking, but his brother is serious and industrious Synonyms dally, disport, frolic, recreate, rollick, play, sport, toyRelated Words cavort, frisk, gambol, romp; dabble, trifle; amuse, divert, entertain; delight, please; dabble, fiddle (around), mess around, putter (around); bum (around), dawdle, goldbrick, hang, hang about [British], idle, loaf, lounge (around or about), relax, rest, screw around, slack (off); jest, joke, teaseNear Antonyms drudge, labor, plod, plug (away), slave, strain, strive, struggle, sweat, toil, work

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