Synonyms and Antonyms of toy

  1. 1 to engage in activity for amusement the cat toyed with the mouse it had caught, batting it about Synonyms dally, disport, frolic, recreate, rollick, skylark, sport, playRelated Words cavort, frisk, gambol, romp; dabble, trifle; amuse, divert, entertain; delight, please; dabble, fiddle (around), mess around, putter (around); bum (around), dawdle, goldbrick, hang, hang about [British], idle, loaf, lounge (around or about), relax, rest, screw around, slack (off); jest, joke, teaseNear Antonyms drudge, labor, plod, plug (away), slave, strain, strive, struggle, sweat, toil, work

  2. 2 to show a sexual attraction for someone just for fun likes to toy with men whom she has no intention of actually dating Synonyms coquet (or coquette), dally, frivol, mess around, flirt, trifleRelated Words vamp; court, mash, woo; josh, kid, put on, razz, rib, tease; fool, lead on, string along; manipulate, play (with)

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