Synonyms and Antonyms of work

  1. 1 a literary, musical, or artistic production unfortunately, many of her works are now out of print Synonyms of work number, opus, piece, compositionWords Related to work classic, magnum opus, masterpiece, pièce de résistance, showpiece; model, outline, sketch; étude; canon, corpus, oeuvre

  2. 2 something produced by physical or intellectual effort the new Web application is the work of a pair of young but highly gifted programmers Synonyms of work affair, fruit, handiwork, labor, output, produce, production, thing, product, yieldWords Related to work article, commodity, entry, object; goods, line, merchandise, wares; handcraft, handicraft; aftereffect, aftermath, conclusion, consequence, corollary, development, effect, issue, outcome, result, resultant, sequel, sequence, upshot; by-product, derivative, offshoot, offspring, outgrowth, residual, side effect (also side reaction), spin-off

  3. 3 the action for which a person or thing is specially fitted or used or for which a thing exists the work of a movie director is to tell a story through a series of striking images Synonyms of work business, capacity, function, job, part, place, position, purpose, task, roleWords Related to work affair, concern, hand, involvement, participation; niche, office, post, situation; calling, occupation, pursuit, vocation; activity, assignment, charge, commission, duty, employ, mission, responsibility, service, use

  4. 4 the active use of energy in producing a result put a lot of work into the project Synonyms of work elbow grease, exertion, expenditure, labor, pains, sweat, trouble, while, effortWords Related to work drudgery, grind, slog, strain, toil, travail; dint, energy; force, might, muscle, power, puissance; attempt, endeavor, essay, fling, go, pass, shot, stab, trial, try, whackNear Antonyms of work adroitness, ease, facility, fluency, smoothness; dormancy, idleness, inaction, inactivity, indolence, inertia, languor, laziness, quiescence

  5. 5 the activity by which one regularly makes a living what line of work are you in? Synonyms of work calling, employment, game, lay, line, profession, trade, vocation, occupationWords Related to work call, lifework; business, enterprise, field, livelihood, living, métier (also metier), racket [slang]; assignment, engagement, gig, mission; art, craft, handcraft, handicraft; appointment, berth, billet, office, place, position, post, situation; duty, function, job, load, task, workloadNear Antonyms of work avocation, hobby, pursuit

  6. 6 works pl  a building or set of buildings for the manufacturing of goods a glass works where high quality glassware is made Synonyms of work manufactory, mill, plant, shop, works, workshopWords Related to work sweatshop; atelier, studio, workplace, workroom; yard

Synonym Discussion of work

work, labor, travail, toil, drudgery, grind mean activity involving effort or exertion. work may imply activity of body, of mind, of a machine, or of a natural force.
    • too tired to do any work
labor applies to physical or intellectual work involving great and often strenuous exertion.
    • farmers demanding fair compensation for their labor
travail is bookish for labor involving pain or suffering.
    • years of travail were lost when the house burned
toil implies prolonged and fatiguing labor.
    • his lot would be years of back-breaking toil
drudgery suggests dull and irksome labor.
    • an editorial job with a good deal of drudgery
grind implies labor exhausting to mind or body.
    • the grind of the assembly line



Synonyms and Antonyms of work

  1. 1 to be the cause of (a situation, action, or state of mind) this new drug can really work wonders Synonyms of work beget, breed, bring, bring about, bring on, catalyze, cause, create, do, draw on, effectuate, engender, generate, induce, invoke, make, occasion, produce, prompt, result (in), spawn, translate (into), effect, yieldWords Related to work conduce (to), contribute (to); decide, determine; begin, establish, father, found, inaugurate, initiate, innovate, institute, introduce, launch, pioneer, set, set up, start; advance, cultivate, develop, encourage, forward, foster, further, nourish, nurture, promote; enact, render, turn outNear Antonyms of work impede, limit, restrict; clamp down (on), crack down (on), crush, dampen, put down, quash, quell, repress, smother, squash, squelch, stifle, subdue, suppress; arrest, check, control, curb, inhibit, rein (in), restrain, retard; can [slang], kill, snuff (out), still; abolish, demolish, destroy, extinguish, liquidate, quench

  2. 2 to find an answer for through reasoning finally figured out how to work the math problem Synonyms of work answer, break, crack, dope (out), figure out, puzzle (out), resolve, riddle (out), unravel, unriddle, solve, work outWords Related to work conclude, decide, deduce, gather, infer, judge, reason; clear (up), iron out, straighten (out), unscramble, untangle, untie; assume, conjecture, divine, guess, presume, speculate; decipher, decode

  3. 3 to have a certain purpose the human kidneys work as a filtering system for the blood Synonyms of work act, perform, serve, functionWords Related to work operate, run; administer, carry on, control, direct, guide, handle, manage, oversee, regulate, supervise

  4. 4 to produce a desired effect this headache remedy takes half an hour to work Synonyms of work operate, perform, take, actWords Related to work behave, react, respond; affect, influence, sway; pan out, redound, resultNear Antonyms of work backfire; fizzle

  5. 5 to set or keep in motion this pump is worked by hand Synonyms of work actuate, drive, impel, propel, moveWords Related to work activate, motivate, provoke; abet, ferment, foment, incite, raise, stir (up), whip (up); set off, trigger, trip; arouse, excite, fire (up), galvanize, inflame (also enflame), inspire, instigate, rouse, stimulateNear Antonyms of work bridle, check, constrain, contain, control, curb, inhibit, regulate, rein (in), restrain

  6. 6 to control the mechanical operation of show me how to work the machine Synonyms of work handle, run, operateWords Related to work use; maneuver, manipulate, ply, wield; command, control, direct, drive, guide, pilot, steer

  7. 7 to devote serious and sustained effort the organization has worked for years to raise people's awareness of human rights issues Synonyms of work bang away, beaver (away), dig (away), drudge, endeavor, fag, grub, hump, hustle, moil, peg (away), plod, plow, plug, slave, slog, strain, strive, struggle, sweat, toil, travail, tug, laborWords Related to work apply (oneself), buckle (down), dig in, hammer (away), knuckle down, pitch in; attack, drive; essay, try; exercise, exert, overexert, overwork; eke out, grind (out), put out, scrabble, scratch; trudge, wadeNear Antonyms of work break, ease (up), let up, slacken; bum, chill, dally, dillydally, footle, goldbrick, goof (off), hack (around), hang (around or out), idle, laze, loaf, lounge, shirk, slack (off), veg out; bask, loll, relax, repose, rest, unwind; dabble, doodle, fool around, fribble, goof (around), hang, hang about [British], mess around, monkey (around), play, potter (around), putter (around), trifle

  8. 8 to take unfair advantage of a woman not afraid to work her sex appeal in order to get ahead Synonyms of work abuse, capitalize (on), cash in (on), impose (on or upon), leverage, milk, pimp, play (on or upon), use, exploitWords Related to work jerk around, manipulate, mistreat; bleed, cheat, fleece, overcharge, skin, soak, stick; commercialize, commodify

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