work out


Synonyms and Antonyms of work out

  1. 1 to find an answer for through reasoning by putting our heads together, we were able to work out the problem Synonyms answer, break, crack, dope (out), figure out, puzzle (out), resolve, riddle (out), unravel, unriddle, work, solveRelated Words conclude, decide, deduce, gather, infer, judge, reason; clear (up), iron out, straighten (out), unscramble, untangle, untie; assume, conjecture, divine, guess, presume, speculate; decipher, decode

  2. 2 to produce or bring about especially by long or repeated effort worked out a compromise between the warring factions Synonyms carve (out), develop, forge, grind (out), thrash (out), hammer out, work upRelated Words churn out, crank out, turn out; cobble (together or up), throw up; compose, construct, craft, create, engineer, fabricate, fashion, form, frame, generate, manufacture, mint, model, shape, tailor; conceive, concoct, contrive, cook (up), devise, hatch, invent, originate; accomplish, achieve, bring off, carry out, effectNear Antonyms demolish, destroy, dismantle, raze, tear down; ruin, undo, unmake, wreck

  3. 3 to turn out as planned or desired our plans for a ski vacation just didn't work out Synonyms click, come off, deliver, go, go over, pan out, succeedRelated Words catch on; flourish, prosper, thrive; cook, percolateNear Antonyms languish; flounder, struggle; decline, sink, skid, slip, slump, wane; crash, crater, crumble, flame out; choke, crack up, miscarry, misfire; fall down, go under; implode, self-destructAntonyms bomb, collapse, fail, flop, flunk, fold, founder, miss, strike out, wash out

  4. 4 to determine (a value) by doing the necessary mathematical operations after working out the cost of a college education, we've decided that it's never too early to start saving Synonyms cipher, compute, figure, reckon, calculateRelated Words add up, average, sum, tally, total, totalize; add, divide, multiply, subtract; allow (for), deduct, factor (in or into or out), figure in; figure out, solve (for); count, itemize, number; calibrate, gauge (also gage), measure, scale; assess, appraise, estimate, evaluate, rate, value; recalculate, recompute, refigure

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