Synonyms and Antonyms of assignment

  1. 1 a piece of work that needs to be done regularly his first newspaper assignment was writing obituaries Synonyms chore, duty, job, taskRelated Words chare (or char); endeavor, enterprise, project, stint, undertaking; care, charge, commission, responsibility; function, mission, office, operation, post; errand; circuit, round, route

  2. 2 a specific task with which a person or group is charged the spy team's assignment was to steal the plans for the nuclear reactor Synonyms mission, brief, business, charge, detail, job, operation, postRelated Words burden, chore, duty, need, obligation, office, requirement, responsibility; errand, labor, work; commitment, pledge, promise; appointment, commission, designation, nomination; compulsion, constraint, restraint

  3. 3 something assigned to be read or studied have you read the assignment for tomorrow? Synonyms lesson, readingRelated Words homework, schoolwork; lecture; drill, exercise, practice (also practise); étude, study

  4. 4 the state or fact of being chosen for a position or duty her assignment to the board of directors was a point of considerable pride for her Synonyms appointment, commission, designationRelated Words billet, gig, job, office, place, position, situation, spot, station; authorization, delegation, deputation, emplacement, placement, ranking; anointing, anointment, induction, installation, installment (also instalment), instating, investiture, investment, ordination; choice, choosing, destination, election, nomination, picking, selection, singling (out)Near Antonyms blackball, rejection; deposition, dethronement, ejection, eviction, ouster, overthrow, removalAntonyms discharge, dismissal, dismission, expulsion, firing

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