Synonyms and Antonyms of situation

  1. 1 position with regard to conditions and circumstances <the school's situation is improving with additional financial help> Synonyms ball game, deal, footing, picture, posture, scene, status, story Related Words rank, standing; place, spot, state; score, status quo

  2. 2 an assignment at which one regularly works for pay <there were the usual “situation wanted” postings in the local newspaper> Synonyms appointment, berth, billet, capacity, connection, function, place, position, post, jobRelated Words business, employ, employment, occupation, profession; work; office, spot; calling, pursuit, trade, vocation; line, racket; engagement, gig; livelihood, living; career, lifework, practice (also practise); duty, mission, posting, service, taskNear Antonyms avocation; joblessness, unemployment

  3. 3 the placement of someone or something in relation to others in a vertical arrangement <in earlier times people were unable to alter their situation in life, so if you were born a servant, you stayed a servant> Synonyms degree, echelon, footing, level, place, position, ranking, reach(es), rung, rank, standing, station, status, stratumRelated Words condition, estate, order, walk; capacity, function; rating

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