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  1. 1 being in effective operation a living tradition of the holiday season a living culture that has survived a number of foreign invasions Synonyms of living alive, functional, functioning, going, live, active, on, operating, operational, operative, running, workingWords Related to living effective, effectual; employable, operable, usable (also useable), viable, workable; performing, producing, productive, serving, useful, yielding; astir, bustling, busy, dynamic, flourishing, humming, roaring, thrivingNear Antonyms of living deactivated, decommissioned; ineffective, ineffectual, useless; inoperable, unusable, unworkable; arrested, asleep, dormant, fallow, idle, inert, latent, lifeless, nonproductive, quiescent, sleepy, stagnating, unproductive, vegetatingAntonyms of living broken, dead, inactive, inoperative, kaput (also kaputt), nonactivated, nonfunctional, nonfunctioning, nonoperating, nonoperational, nonoperative

  2. 2 having being at the present time there are fewer than a dozen living former presidents Synonyms of living alive, around, existent, existing, extantWords Related to living active, busy, flourishing, functioning, operating, workingNear Antonyms of living defunct, destroyed, exterminated, kaput (also kaputt); departed, gone, lost; nonexistent; idle, inactive, inertAntonyms of living dead, extinct, nonextant

  3. 3 having or showing life is your hamster still living? Synonyms of living animate, breathing, live, alive, quickWords Related to living active, animated, dynamic, lively, thriving, vibrant, vigorous, vital, vivacious; current, existent, existing, extant, going, prevailing, surviving; resurrectedNear Antonyms of living dying, fading, moribund; stillborn; reposing, resting; ghostlike, ghostly, ghosty, zombielike; absent, extinct, fallen, finished, gone, lapsed, lost, nonexistent, perished, terminated, vanished, wiped out; barren, desertAntonyms of living asleep, breathless, cold, dead, deceased, defunct, departed, expired, inanimate, lifeless, nonliving

  4. 4 closely resembling the object imitated an outdoor museum that is a living re-creation of a typical New England village circa 1840 Synonyms of living lifelike, natural, naturalistic (also naturalist), near, photo-realistic, realistic, three-dimensionalWords Related to living alike, like, matching, similar, verisimilar; akin, analogous, approximate, comparable, resembling; accurate, close, faithful, true; compelling, convincing; expressive, graphic (also graphical), gritty, vividNear Antonyms of living dissimilar, off, unalike, unlike; incomparable, unmatched; contrasted, contrasting, different, disparate; fake, mock, phony (also phoney), shamAntonyms of living nonnatural, nonrealistic, unnatural, unrealistic

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