Synonyms and Antonyms of asleep

  1. 1 being in a state of suspended consciousness was sound asleep when the earthquake struck Synonyms dormant, dozing, napping, resting, sleeping, slumbering Related Words drowsy, nodding, sleepy, slumberous (or slumbrous), somnolent; dreaming, reposing; hypnotized, mesmerized; comatose, semiconscious; sleepwalking, somnambulant Phrases at rest Near Antonyms aware, conscious; sleepless; aroused, astir, awakened, roused, up, wakened; reawakened, revived Antonyms awake, sleepless, wakeful, wide-awake

  2. 2 lacking in sensation or feeling after sitting cross-legged all afternoon, I arose only to discover that my right foot was asleep Synonyms numb, benumbed, dead, insensitive, numbed, torpid, unfeelingRelated Words chilled, nipped; anesthetized, cocainized, deadened, drugged, stupefied; blunted, dulled, obtunded; insensible, senseless, unconscious; inanimate, insensateNear Antonyms awakeAntonyms feeling, sensible, sensitive

  3. 3 no longer living let us pray for those who are now asleep Synonyms dead, breathless, cold, deceased, defunct, demised, departed, fallen, gone, late, lifeless, lowRelated Words extinct; dying, fading, moribund; stillborn; finished, lapsed, terminated; inanimate, insensate, nonlivingNear Antonyms animated; dynamic, lively, thriving, vibrant, vital, vivacious; active, functioning, operative, runningAntonyms alive, animate, breathing, going, live, living, quick

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