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Synonyms and Antonyms of slumberous

  1. 1 desiring or needing sleep parents putting their slumberous children to bed Synonyms dozy, drowsy, sleepy (or slumbrous), somnolentRelated Words asleep, dormant, dozing, resting, sleeping, slumbering; nodding, yawningNear Antonyms restive, restless, sleepless; insomniacAntonyms alert, awake, conscious, wakeful, wide-awake

  2. 2 tending to cause sleep the slumberous murmer of the wind in the trees Synonyms drowsy, narcotic, opiate, sleepy, hypnotic (or slumbrous), somniferous, somnolent, soporificRelated Words depressant, relaxant, sedative, tranquilizing (also tranquillizing); calming, comforting, lulling, pacifying, quieting, relaxing, restful, settling, soothing; analgesic, anesthetic, anesthetizing, benumbing, deadening, dulling, numbing; hypnotizing, mesmerizing, stupefyingNear Antonyms arousing, awakening, energizing, invigorating, rousing, stimulating, wakening, waking; bracing, refreshing, restorative, reviving, stimulative, stimulatoryAntonyms stimulant

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