Synonyms and Antonyms of somnolent

  1. 1 desiring or needing sleep <trying to teach somnolent students on a very hot day> Synonyms dozy, drowsy, slumberous (or slumbrous), sleepyRelated Words asleep, dormant, dozing, resting, sleeping, slumbering; nodding, yawningNear Antonyms restive, restless, sleepless; insomniacAntonyms alert, awake, conscious, wakeful, wide-awake

  2. 2 tending to cause sleep <the somnolent hum of insects in the grass> Synonyms drowsy, narcotic, opiate, sleepy, slumberous (or slumbrous), somniferous, hypnotic, soporificRelated Words depressant, relaxant, sedative, tranquilizing (also tranquillizing); calming, comforting, lulling, pacifying, quieting, relaxing, restful, settling, soothing; analgesic, anesthetic, anesthetizing, benumbing, deadening, dulling, numbing; hypnotizing, mesmerizing, stupefyingNear Antonyms arousing, awakening, energizing, invigorating, rousing, stimulating, wakening, waking; bracing, refreshing, restorative, reviving, stimulative, stimulatoryAntonyms stimulant

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