Synonyms and Antonyms of restorative

  1. 1 beneficial to the health of body or mind took a restorative vitamin mix to improve his immune system Synonyms good, healthy, medicinal, healthful, salubrious, salutary, salutiferous, sanative, tonic, wholesomeRelated Words alleviative, corrective, curative, recuperative, refreshing, rehabilitative, rejuvenating, rejuvenescent, remedial; advantageous, useful; antiseptic, aseptic, clean, hygienic, sanitary; nourishing, nutritional, nutritious; nonpoisonous, nontoxicNear Antonyms damaging, deleterious, harmful, injurious, pernicious; infectious, poisonous, sickening, toxic; insanitary, unhygienic, unsanitaryAntonyms insalubrious, noxious, unhealthful, unhealthy, unwholesome

  2. 2 having a renewing effect on the state of the body or mind I am in need of a long, restorative vacation Synonyms bracing, cordial, invigorating, refreshing, rejuvenating, tonic, reviving, stimulating, stimulative, vital, vitalizingRelated Words life-giving; conditioning, strengthening; animating, exhilarating, exhilarative, quickening, sharp; corrective, curative, curing, medicinal, rectifying, recuperative, reformative, reformatory, rehabilitative, remedial, remedying, reparative, therapeutic; beneficial, healthful, healthy, helpful, salubrious, salutary, wholesomeNear Antonyms deadening, debilitating, draining, enervating, enfeebling, exhausting, numbing, sapping, weakening, wearying; deleterious, injurious, pernicious; insalubrious, noxious, unhealthful, unhealthy, unwholesome

  3. 3 tending to cure disease or restore health relocation to a milder climate proved to be just the restorative measure that was needed for the sickly child Synonyms curative, healing, officinal, remedial, medicinal, therapeuticRelated Words healthful, healthy, salubrious, salutary, sanative, wholesome; alleviative, corrective, tonicNear Antonyms insalubrious, noisome, noxious, unhealthful, unhealthy, unwholesome; deleterious, injurious, pernicious; infectious, poisonous, toxic; adverse, bad, baleful, baneful, damaging, detrimental, harmful, hurtful, ill; insanitary, unhygienic, unsanitary

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