Synonyms and Antonyms of field

  1. 1 a small area of usually open land a field that is the frequent site of neighborhood softball games Synonyms clearing, ground, lot, parcel, plat, plot, tract Related Words common(s), croft [chiefly British]; grass, green, greensward, lawn; glade, grassland, heath, heathland, lea (or ley), meadow, moor, pasture, pastureland

  2. 2 a region of activity, knowledge, or influence the first woman to enter the field of medicine Synonyms area, arena, bailiwick, barony, business, circle, demesne, department, discipline, domain, element, fief, fiefdom, firmament, front, game, kingdom, line, precinct, province, realm, specialty, sphere, terrain, walk Related Words frontier; study, subject; territory, turf; occupation, profession, pursuit, racket, vocation; ambit, amplitude, breadth, compass, confine, dimension(s), extent, ken, reach, scope, sweep, width; subfield, subspecialty

  3. 3 a part or portion having no fixed boundaries if you set your camera lens to small aperture, the field of sharp focus will be quite large Synonyms area, demesne, region, zoneRelated Words corner, section; locale, locality, location, locus, place, point, position, site, space, spot

  4. 4 a place where a battle takes place the field where two mighty armies met and changed the course of history Synonyms battleground, battlefieldRelated Words battle line, front, front line, ground; beachhead, bridgehead, foothold; killing field

  5. 5 a place from which aircraft operate that usually has paved runways and a terminal Worsham Field in Corpus Christi used to be home to a sizable crop dusting operation Synonyms aerodrome [chiefly British], airdrome, airfield, airportRelated Words air base, air park, helipad, heliport, jetport; airstrip, landing field, landing strip, runway; launchpad, pad

  6. 6 a wide space or area the cemetery's field of crosses for the war's fallen seemed to stretch to infinity Synonyms breadth, distance, expansion, extent, expanse, length, plain, reach, sheet, spread, stretch, wasteRelated Words domain, sphere, territory; compass, range, scope, sweep; gamut, scale, spectrum; depth, emptiness, void; extension, latitude, span; amplitude, immensity, magnitude

  7. 7 active fighting during the course of a war in the classroom the general had been a brilliant theoretician, but in the field he proved to be a wholly incompetent tactician Synonyms action, battle, combatRelated Words attack, fire, firefight, pitched battle, single combat; hostilities, operations, warfare; duty, service



Synonyms and Antonyms of field

  1. to deal with (something) usually skillfully or efficiently gave the waitress a large tip because she kept smiling as she fielded their many requests Synonyms address, contend (with), cope (with), handle, grapple (with), hack, manage, maneuver, manipulate, negotiate, play, swing, take, treatRelated Words engineer, finesse, jockey; bring off, carry off, carry out, get off, pull; command, direct, guide, steer; control, micromanage, regulate, run; react (to), respond (to)Near Antonyms botch, bungle, foozle, fumble, goof (up), louse up, mess (up), mishandle, muff, scamp

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