Synonyms and Antonyms of action

  1. 1 something done by someone judge people by their actions, not by their words Synonyms act, deed, doing, exploit, feat, thing Related Words accomplishment, achievement, attainment; adventure, experience; emprise, enterprise, initiative, undertaking; handiwork, performance, work; stunt, trick; activity, dealing; maneuver, measure, move, operation, procedure, proceeding, step, tactic; coaction

  2. 2 the unfolding of events in a dramatic or literary work the mystery writer displays a sure hand in managing the novel's complicated but never incoherent action Synonyms plot, story, story line Related Words subplot; arc, development; design, outline, plan, scheme; argument, mythos, subject, theme

  3. 3 a court case for enforcing a right or claim filed an action in county court to recover his lawn mower from his neighbor, who claims he “gave” it to her Synonyms lawsuit, proceeding, suitRelated Words litigation; case, cause, complaint; counterclaim, countersuit, cross action, cross-claim

  4. 4 active fighting during the course of a war the battalion saw action soon after it arrived in France Synonyms combat, battle, fieldRelated Words attack, fire, firefight, pitched battle, single combat; hostilities, operations, warfare; duty, service

  5. 5 actions pl  the way or manner in which one conducts oneself observing the actions of mice in various controlled settings helps scientists understand the effects of certain drugs Synonyms actions, address, bearing, comportment, conduct, demeanor, deportment, geste (also gest) [archaic]Related Words etiquette, form, manners, mores, proprieties; p's and q's; amenity, civility, courtesy, decorum, politeness; air, attitude, carriage, poise, pose, posture, presence; aspect, look, mien; formality, protocol, rules; custom, habit, habitude, pattern, practice (also practise), trick, wont; convention, fashion, form, mode, style; affectation, attribute, characteristic, mark, trait; distinctiveness, oddity, peculiarity, singularity, strangeness, uniqueness, weirdness

  6. 6 readiness to engage in daring or difficult activity the wilderness was tamed by men and women of action Synonyms enterprise, aggressiveness, ambition, drive, go, hustle, initiativeRelated Words grit, gumption, pluck, snap, spirit, spunk, starch; ambitiousness, killer instinct, overambitiousness; assertiveness, self-reliance; energy, hardihood, pep, vigor, vitalityNear Antonyms inactivity, inertia, passivity; diffidence, faintheartedness, timidity; hesitation, reluctance; indolence, laziness, lethargy

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