Synonyms and Antonyms of carriage

  1. 1 a horse-drawn wheeled vehicle for carrying passengers a museum with a large collection of beautiful, old carriages Synonyms equipage, rig Related Words barouche, brougham, buckboard, buggy, cab, cabriolet, calash, calèche (or caleche), caroche, carryall, chaise, chariot, coach, coupé (or coupe), curricle, diligence, dogcart, droshky (also drosky), four-in-hand, gig, go-cart, hackney (or hackney coach), hansom (or hansom cab), jaunting car, landau, phaeton, post chaise, roadster, rockaway, stage, stagecoach, stanhope, surrey, tandem, tilbury, tonga, trap, troika, victoria; turnout

  2. 2 a general way of holding the body her Ladyship's carriage is upright and regal Synonyms attitude, posture, poise, stance, stationRelated Words attention; body language; pose, seat; bearing, behavior, conduct, demeanor, deportment; air, poise, presence; aspect, look, mien

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