Synonyms and Antonyms of attention

  1. 1 a focusing of the mind on something <I need your full attention right now> Synonyms absorption, concentration, engrossment, enthrallment, immersion Related Words fixation, obsession, preoccupation; alertness, application, awareness, consciousness, consideration, heedfulness, intentness, raptness, regard; contemplation, meditation, musing, pondering, rumination Near Antonyms absence, absentmindedness, abstractedness, abstraction, detachment, distraction, obliviousness, remoteness, unawareness, unconsciousness, withdrawal; disinterest, indifference, mindlessness, unconcern; befuddlement, bemusement, bewilderment, confusion Antonyms inattention

  2. 2 a state of being aware <several mothers brought to the committee's attention the deplorable condition of the playground> Synonyms advertence, advertency, awareness, cognizance, consciousness, ear, eye, heed, knowledge, mindfulness, note, notice, observance, observation Related Words hyperawareness, hyperconsciousness; advisement, care, concern, consideration, regard, watch; apprehension, discernment, grasp, mind, perception, recognition, thought, understanding Near Antonyms disregard, neglect, obliviousness, unawareness

  3. 3 an act or utterance that is a customary show of good manners <she enjoyed her suitor's old-school attentions> Synonyms amenity, civility, courtesy, formality, gesture, pleasantry, politenessRelated Words honors; ceremony, observance, rite, ritual; decorum, etiquette, form, manners, mores, proprieties; addresses, devoirs, greetings, regards, respects; favor, grace, kindliness, kindness; protocol, rules

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