Synonyms and Antonyms of obliviousness

  1. 1 a state of being disregardful or unconscious of one's surroundings, concerns, or obligations her general obliviousness often results in her walking into walls and other hard-to-miss objects Synonyms forgetfulness, nirvana, oblivionRelated Words ignorance, incognizance, innocence, insensibility, nescience, unawareness, unconsciousness, unfamiliarity; amnesia, blindness; absentmindedness, absorption, abstraction, inattention, inattentiveness, preoccupationNear Antonyms memory, recall, recollection, remembrance; alertness, awareness, cognizance, consciousness

  2. 2 the state of being unaware or uninformed obliviousness of a law is not an acceptable excuse for breaking it Synonyms benightedness, cluelessness, incognizance, innocence, nescience, ignorance, unawareness, unfamiliarityRelated Words callowness, greenness, inexperience, naïveté (also naivete or naiveté), rawness, simpleness, unsophisticationNear Antonyms experience, know-how; sophisticationAntonyms acquaintance, awareness, cognizance, familiarity

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