Synonyms and Antonyms of remembrance

  1. 1 a particular act or instance of recalling or the thing remembered a happy couple with many fond remembrances of when they were dating in college Synonyms anamnesis, recall, recollection, memory, reminiscenceRelated Words flashback; memento, memorial, reminder, souvenir, token; association

  2. 2 something that serves to keep alive the memory of a person or event she gave her boyfriend on the eve of his military service one of her lockets as a remembrance of their abiding affection Synonyms commemorative, keepsake, memento, monument, memorial, reminder, souvenir, tokenRelated Words memorabilia; relic, vestige; cairn, landmark, marker; testimonial, tribute; cenotaph

  3. 3 the power or process of recalling what has been previously learned or experienced remembrance will wane with age Synonyms mind, recollection, memory, reminiscenceRelated Words hypermnesia, total recall; contemplation, meditation, musing, reflection, retrospection, thinking; awareness, cognizance, consciousness; apprehension, comprehension, grasp, grip, perception, understandingNear Antonyms amnesia, repression; forgetfulness

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