Synonyms and Antonyms of relic

  1. 1 a tiny often physical indication of something lost or vanished <a crude stone ax and other relics of the Neanderthals> Synonyms echo, ghost, vestige, shadow, traceRelated Words memento, remembrance, reminder; artifact; afterimage, aftertaste; balance, corpse, hangover, leftover, oddment, remainder, remnant, scrap; dreg(s), leavings, remain(s), residual, residue, rest

  2. 2 something belonging to or surviving from an earlier period <in my grandparents' attic are many “groovy” relics from the 1960s> Synonyms museum piece, antiqueRelated Words artifact, fossil; dinosaur; antiquities, ruins; hangover, remains, remnant, trace, vestige

  3. 3 one that has passed the peak of effectiveness or popularity <his courtly manners marked him as a relic of a more refined and formal era> Synonyms dinosaur, has-beenRelated Words dodo, fogy (also fogey), fossil, old-timer; fuddy-duddy, mossback, stick-in-the-mud, stodge [British], troglodyte; throwbackNear Antonyms comer, rising star, up-and-comer

  4. 4 relics pl  a dead body <though it is believed that missionary died in New Guinea, his relics have never been found> Synonyms bones, cadaver, carcass, corpus, corse [archaic], relics, remains, stiffRelated Words mummy; carnage, carrion; ashes; deceased, decedent

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