Synonyms and Antonyms of balance

  1. 1 a condition in which opposing forces are equal to one another in order to determine the weight of that beaker, you need to get the two pans of the scale in perfect balance Synonyms counterpoise, equilibration, equilibrium, equipoise, poise, stasis Related Words counterbalance, offset; firmness, fixedness, security, stability, steadiness Near Antonyms changeability, fluctuation, inconstancy, insecurity, instability, mutability, precariousness, shakiness, unsteadiness, volatility Antonyms disequilibration, disequilibrium, imbalance, nonequilibrium, unbalance

  2. 2 a balanced, pleasing, or suitable arrangement of parts the balance of the landscaping is in keeping with the symmetry of so many 18th-century mansions Synonyms harmony, coherence, concinnity, consonance, consonancy, orchestration, proportion, symmetry, symphony, unityRelated Words coordination, correlation, correspondence, equalization, equilibrium, evenness, order, orderliness, regularity, uniformityNear Antonyms confusion, disorganization, dissonance, disturbance, tension; disconnectedness, disjointedness, incompatibility; irregularity, unevennessAntonyms asymmetry, discordance, disproportion, disunity, imbalance, incoherence, violence

  3. 3 a device for measuring weight use a balance to make sure you get the amounts precisely correct Synonyms scaleRelated Words gravimeter

  4. 4 a force or influence that makes an opposing force ineffective or less effective the balance to the mountain of complaints are the many letters of praise that we also receive Synonyms counterbalance, canceler (or canceller), corrective, counter, counteraction, counterforce, counterpoise, counterweight, equipoise, neutralizer, offsetRelated Words trade-off; ballast, weight

  5. 5 a remaining group or portion and the balance of the contestants should stand in that last corner Synonyms remainder, leavings, leftovers, odds and ends, remains, remnant, residue, residuum, restRelated Words fragment, scrap, vestige; butt, oddment, scraping(s), stub, stump; excess, fat, overabundance, overage, overflow, overkill, overmuch, oversupply, superabundance, superfluity, surfeit, surplusNear Antonyms body, bulk, main, mass, most, weight



Synonyms and Antonyms of balance

  1. 1 to make equal in amount, degree, or status tried to balance the total amount of money spent on gifts for each child Synonyms equalize, equate, even, levelRelated Words equilibrate, equipoise; accommodate, adjust, compensate, fit; counterbalance; homogenize, normalize, regularize, standardize; democratizeNear Antonyms disequilibrate

  2. 2 to show uncertainty about the right course of action his tendency to balance and waffle on certain hot-button issues may hurt him in the general election Synonyms hesitate, dither, falter, halt, hang back, scruple, shilly-shally, stagger, teeter, vacillate, waver, wobble (also wabble)Related Words haw, hem; dally, dawdle, delay, linger, pause, procrastinate, wait; back down, chicken (out); consider, debate, deliberate, ponder, weigh; oscillate, sway; equivocate, hedge, pussyfoot, waffleNear Antonyms decide; budge, stir; advance, continueAntonyms dive (in), plunge (in)

  3. 3 to give what is owed for she had to balance her account with the video store before being allowed to rent more movies Synonyms ante up, pay, clear, discharge, foot, liquidate, meet, pay off, pay up, pony up, quit, recompense, settle, spring (for), standAntonyms repudiate

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