Synonyms and Antonyms of proportion

  1. 1 a balanced, pleasing, or suitable arrangement of parts the head was drawn too large, being way out of proportion with the body Synonyms balance, coherence, concinnity, consonance, consonancy, orchestration, harmony, symmetry, symphony, unityRelated Words coordination, correlation, correspondence, equalization, equilibrium, evenness, order, orderliness, regularity, uniformityNear Antonyms confusion, disorganization, dissonance, disturbance, tension; disconnectedness, disjointedness, incompatibility; irregularity, unevennessAntonyms asymmetry, discordance, disproportion, disunity, imbalance, incoherence, violence

  2. 2 something belonging to, due to, or contributed by an individual member of a group the players argue that they aren't getting the proportion of the league's profits that are due to them Synonyms allotment, allowance, cut, end, part, piece, portion, share, quota, slice, takeRelated Words lot, ration; commission, percentage; member, partition, section, segmentNear Antonyms aggregate, composite, compound, pool, sum, total, totality; whole

  3. 3 the relationship in quantity, amount, or size between two or more things the proportion of length to width for those screens was usually three to two Synonyms ratio, rateRelated Words average; frequency; correspondence; percentageNear Antonyms disproportion

  4. 4 the total amount of measurable space or surface occupied by something the exact proportions of the room were critical Synonyms bulk, dimension, extent, magnitude, measure, measurement, {h,1}sizeRelated Words area; capaciousness, commodiousness, roominess, spaciousness; ampleness, amplitude, bigness, bulkiness, enormousness, grandness, greatness, grossness, heftiness, hugeness, immenseness, immensity, largeness, mass, massiveness, monstrousness, stupendousness, tremendousness, vastness, volume, voluminousness

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