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  1. 1 a point which two or more things share in common the correspondence in hair color is about all that the siblings have in common Synonyms commonality, common denominator, congruity, similarity, parallel, resemblance, similitudeRelated Words counterpart, equal, equivalent; analogy; homologyNear Antonyms difference, discrepancy; deviance, divergence, incongruence, incongruity; change, modification, variationAntonyms dissimilarity

  2. 2 the quality or state of having many qualities in common the best friends' correspondence in looks is so striking that they could pass for twins Synonyms alikeness, community, comparability, similarity, likeness, parallelism, resemblance, similitudeRelated Words semblance; affinity, analogousness; equation, equivalence, equivalency, par, parity; identicalness, identity, sameness; correlation, relationship; exchangeability, interchangeability; accordance, agreement, compatibility, conformity, congruityNear Antonyms inequality; conflict, polarity; incompatibility, incongruence, incongruity, incongruousness, nonconformity; differentiability, discriminability, distinguishability; anomalousness, dichotomy; disproportion, imbalance, inequality, nonequivalenceAntonyms difference, disagreement, discrepancy, disparateness, disparity, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, distinctiveness, distinctness, unlikeness

  3. 3 communications or parcels sent or carried through the postal system piles of unanswered correspondence littered the office of the reclusive author Synonyms mail, matter, parcel post, post [chiefly British], snail mailRelated Words airmail, airpost, certified mail, registered mail, rural delivery, rural free delivery, special delivery, special handling; direct mail, junk mail, mailer; card, dispatch, epistle, letter, message, missive, note, postal card, postcard, printed matter; bundle, package, shipment

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