Synonyms and Antonyms of matter

  1. 1 a major object of interest or concern (as in a discussion or artistic composition) that is not relevant to the matter under discussion Synonyms content, motif, motive, question, subject, theme, topic Related Words subject matter; talking point; count, idea, point, purpose; consideration, issue, problem; body, bulk, burden, centerpiece, core, crux, essence, fundamental, generality, gist, grist, heart, kernel, keynote, main, marrow, mass, net, nub, nubbin, nucleus, pith, pivot, purport, quick, staple, substance, sum; basis; bottom, essential, essentiality; affair, argument, debate Near Antonyms aside, digression, excursion, interjection, parenthesis, tangent

  2. 2 something to be dealt with we must take care of this matter before it becomes a real problem Synonyms affair, business, thing Related Words consideration, issue, problem; crisis, crossroad(s), crunch, emergency, exigency, flash point, head, juncture, strait, zero hour; concern, trouble, worry; care, lookout, responsibility; deadlock, halt, impasse, stalemate, standstill; corner, fix, hole, hot water, jam, pickle, pinch, predicament, scrape, spot Phrases ball of wax

  3. 3 communications or parcels sent or carried through the postal system first-class matter Synonyms correspondence, mail, parcel post, post [chiefly British], snail mailRelated Words airmail, airpost, certified mail, registered mail, rural delivery, rural free delivery, special delivery, special handling; direct mail, junk mail, mailer; card, dispatch, epistle, letter, message, missive, note, postal card, postcard, printed matter; bundle, package, shipment

  4. 4 something that requires thought and skill for resolution I've been thinking about the matter all night, and I believe I have a solution Synonyms case, challenge, knot, problem, nut, troubleRelated Words issue, question; corner, fix, hole, hot water, jam, mire, pickle, predicament, quagmire, spot; crux, Gordian knot, sticky wicket, toughie (also toughy); catch-22, dilemma, quandary; catch, glitch, hitch, pitfall, snag; conundrum, enigma, mystery, puzzle, puzzlement, riddle; brainteaser, perplexer, poser, stumperNear Antonyms magic bullet, silver bullet; cure-all, panaceaAntonyms answer, solution

  5. 5 an approximate amount, extent, or degree a simple meal that can be prepared in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes Synonyms neighborhood, tune, vicinityRelated Words ballpark; nearness, proximity



Synonyms and Antonyms of matter

  1. to be of importance she believes that doing well in school really does matter Synonyms count, import, mean, signify, weigh Related Words affect, concern, influence, sway; add up (to), amount (to) Phrases carry weight, cut ice

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