Thesaurus: challenge Synonyms, challenge Antonyms

  1. 1 a feeling or declaration of disapproval or dissent there were no serious challenges to the legislative bill, so it passed easily Synonyms objection, complaint, demur, demurral, demurrer, difficulty, exception, expostulation, fuss, kick, protest, question, remonstrance, stinkRelated Words compunction, doubt, misgiving, qualm, scruple; misunderstanding; cavil, niggle [chiefly British], quibble; argument, conflict, debate, dispute, dissent, hassle, quarrel, squabble, static; censure, criticism; defiance, disobedience, rebellion; distrust, distrustfulness, dubiety, dubitation [archaic], incertitude, indetermination, misdoubt, mistrust, mistrustfulness, reservation, skepticism, suspicion, uncertainty; qualmishness, unease, uneasiness; reluctance, unwillingnessNear Antonyms willingness; approval, sanction; acceptance, acquiescence, agreement, assent; compliance, obedience

  2. 2 something that requires thought and skill for resolution the many challenges facing developing countries in the 21st century Synonyms case, problem, knot, matter, nut, troubleRelated Words issue, question; corner, fix, hole, hot water, jam, mire, pickle, predicament, quagmire, spot; crux, Gordian knot, sticky wicket, toughie (also toughy); catch-22, dilemma, quandary; catch, glitch, hitch, pitfall, snag; conundrum, enigma, mystery, puzzle, puzzlement, riddle; brainteaser, perplexer, poser, stumperNear Antonyms magic bullet, silver bullet; cure-all, panaceaAntonyms answer, solution



Synonyms and Antonyms of challenge

  1. 1 to demand proof of the truth or rightness of don't hesitate to challenge any statement that generalizes about people Synonyms contest, dispute, impeach, oppugn, query, question Related Words doubt, mistrust; kick (about), object (to), protest; combat, fight, oppose, resist Phrases call in (or into) question Near Antonyms back, defend, support; advocate, champion, promote; abide, endure, stomach, tolerate Antonyms accept, believe, embrace, swallow

  2. 2 to invite (someone) to take part in a contest or to perform a feat I challenge you to swim to the other side of the pond Synonyms dare, defy, stump Related Words beard, brave, brazen, breast, confront, face, outbrave, outface

  3. 3 to have as a requirement having to put up with an overbearing boss challenges forbearance Synonyms bear, need, claim, demand, necessitate, require, take, want, warrantRelated Words entail, involve; ask, beg, claim, clamor (for), cry (for); hurt (for), lack; command, enjoin, exact, insist, press, quest, stipulateNear Antonyms own, possessAntonyms have, hold

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