Synonyms and Antonyms of command

  1. 1 a statement of what to do that must be obeyed by those concerned the captain's commands were followed without question Synonyms behest, charge, commandment, decree, dictate, direction, directive, do, edict, imperative, injunction, instruction, order, word Related Words demand, requirement; mandate; countermand, counterorder; law, precept, prescript, prescription, rule; ordinance, regulation, statute Near Antonyms appeal, entreaty, petition, plea, urging; proposal, recommendation, suggestion

  2. 2 a highly developed skill in or knowledge of something a command of French that is the result of a year spent in France as an exchange student Synonyms IQ, mastership, mastery, proficiency Related Words virtuosity; facility, hang; fluency, literacy; experience, expertise, know-how, practice (also practise), skill(s); acquaintance, familiarity, intimacy Near Antonyms incompetence, incompetency; ignorance, illiteracy, unfamiliarity

  3. 3 the place from which a commander runs operations the general set up his command in the old port city Synonyms base, command post, headquarters Related Words home, seat

  4. 4 a place from which authority is exercised central command Synonyms seat, headquartersRelated Words high command; center, home; capital

  5. 5 the right or means to command or control others the army officer in command during the attack Synonyms arm, authority, clutch, power, control, death grip, dominion, grip, hold, mastery, reign, rein(s), swayRelated Words clout, influence, leverage, pull, voice, weight; jurisdiction; direction, management; dominance, imperium, predominance, sovereignty (also sovranty), supremacy; prerogative, privilege, right; eminence, importance, momentNear Antonyms helplessness, weaknessAntonyms impotence, impotency, powerlessness

  6. 6 all that can be seen from a certain point from his mountain perch, the scout had a command of the entire valley Synonyms view, lookout, outlook, panorama, perspective, prospect, vistaRelated Words landscape, scene, scenery; ken, sight; visual field



Synonyms and Antonyms of command

  1. 1 to issue orders to (someone) by right of authority the general commanded his troops with Caesar-like imperiousness Synonyms adjure, bid, boss (around), charge, direct, enjoin, instruct, order, tell Related Words ask, petition, request; beg, beseech, entreat; advise, counsel, warn; appoint, assign, authorize, commission; oversee, superintend, supervise; conduct, control, lead, manage; coerce, compel, constrain, force, oblige, require Near Antonyms comply (with), follow, keep, observe Antonyms mind, obey

  2. 2 to request the doing of by virtue of one's authority the governor has commanded that all state flags be flown at half-mast Synonyms call, decree, dictate, direct, mandate, ordain, order Related Words ask, petition, request; demand, require Phrases call for Near Antonyms cancel, countermand, rescind

  3. 3 to ask for (something) earnestly or with authority an act of courage that commands the admiration of all who witnessed it Synonyms call (for), claim, clamor (for), demand, enjoin, exact, insist (on), press (for), quest, stipulate (for)Related Words ask, plead (for), request, want; cry (for), necessitate, need, require, take, warrant; requisition; impose; badger, dun, harass, houndNear Antonyms give up, relinquish, surrender, yield

  4. 4 to exercise authority or power over a cabinet secretary who commands the largest department in the federal government Synonyms boss, captain, govern, control, preside (over), rule, sway [archaic]Related Words conduct, direct, head, lead; administer, manage, micromanage, oversee, regulate, superintend, supervise; dictate, dominate, domineer, lord (it over), master, oppress, reign (over), tyrannize; conquer, subdue, subjugate

  5. 5 to keep, control, or experience as one's own local government does not command the resources that are needed to respond to such a huge disaster Synonyms have, enjoy, hold, own, possess, retainRelated Words keep, reserve, withhold; bear, carry; boast, show off, sportNear Antonyms abandon, cede, disclaim, disown, hand over, relinquish, renounce, surrender, yield; discard, dump; decline, reject, repudiate, spurn; need, requireAntonyms lack, want

  6. 6 to look down on for centuries an imposing castle has commanded that stretch of the river Synonyms overlook, dominateRelated Words face, front

  7. 7 to serve as leader of the head of the agency commands an army of workers trained to respond to the immediate needs of disaster victims Synonyms boss, captain, lead, head, spearheadRelated Words control, dominate; direct, govern, handle, manage, oversee, regulate, run, superintend, superviseNear Antonyms bow (to), comply (with), defer (to), follow, obey, serve, submit (to), yield (to)

  8. 8 to set or receive as a price commands a high fee for his decorating services Synonyms ask, charge, demandRelated Words overcharge, undercharge; bring, fetch, sell (for); discount, mark down, mark up; assess, bill, invoice; price, value

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