Synonyms and Antonyms of proficiency

  1. 1 a highly developed skill in or knowledge of something surprised by his proficiency at the game after only the briefest explanation of the rules Synonyms IQ, mastership, mastery, commandRelated Words virtuosity; facility, hang; fluency, literacy; experience, expertise, know-how, practice (also practise), skill(s); acquaintance, familiarity, intimacyNear Antonyms incompetence, incompetency; ignorance, illiteracy, unfamiliarity

  2. 2 knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something acquired proficiency at golf through long hours of practice Synonyms chops, expertise, know-how, moxie, experience, savvy, skillsRelated Words background; command, mastery; acquaintance, conversance, familiarity, intimacyNear Antonyms ignorance, unawareness, unfamiliarityAntonyms inexperience

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a brief usually trivial fact

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