Synonyms and Antonyms of outlook

  1. 1 a high place or structure from which a wide view is possible the cliff-top outlook provides an expansive view of the sleepy village down in the valley Synonyms observatory, lookout, overlookRelated Words aerie, crow's nest, tower, watchtower; promontory

  2. 2 a way of looking at or thinking about something tried to keep a cheerful outlook on life Synonyms angle, eye view, perspective, shoes, slant, standpoint, vantage point, viewpointRelated Words interpretation, spin; belief, conviction, eye, feeling, judgment (or judgement), mind, mind-set, notion, opinion, perception, persuasion, sentiment, verdict, view; impression, take

  3. 3 all that can be seen from a certain point the outlook from the tower is spectacular in all directions Synonyms command, lookout, view, panorama, perspective, prospect, vistaRelated Words landscape, scene, scenery; ken, sight; visual field

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