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  1. 1 a pronounceable series of letters having a distinct meaning especially in a particular field my doctor used all of these medical words that I didn't understand Synonyms expression, term Related Words linguistic form, monosyllable, morpheme, speech form; polysyllable; collocation, idiom, locution, phrase; archaism, coinage, colloquialism, euphemism, loanword, modernism, neologism, vernacularism

  2. 2 something that is said people who believe that the Bible is the literal word of God Synonyms statement, utterance Related Words communication, message; announcement, declamation, declaration, manifesto, proclamation, pronouncement; verbalization, vocalization

  3. 3 a report of recent events or facts not previously known what's the latest word on the airplane crash? Synonyms advice(s), 411 [slang], gen [chiefly British], info, information, intelligence, item, story, tidings, uncos [chiefly Scottish], newsRelated Words announcement, bulletin, communication, correspondence, dispatch, message, reportage; dope, lowdown, scoop, tidbit (also titbit), tip; gossip, rumor, tale, tattle; feedback; disinformation, propaganda

  4. 4 a person's solemn declaration that he or she will do or not do something I give you my word that I won't try to escape Synonyms oath, pledge, troth, vow, promiseRelated Words appointment, arrangement, commitment, engagement, obligation; agreement, compact, contract, covenant; assurance, guarantee, guaranty, undertaking; bail, bond, deposit, gage, pawn, security, token, warranty

  5. 5 a statement of what to do that must be obeyed by those concerned the troops waited for their commanding officer to give the word Synonyms behest, charge, commandment, decree, dictate, direction, directive, do, edict, imperative, injunction, instruction, order, commandRelated Words demand, requirement; mandate; countermand, counterorder; law, precept, prescript, prescription, rule; ordinance, regulation, statuteNear Antonyms appeal, entreaty, petition, plea, urging; proposal, recommendation, suggestion

  6. 6 information or opinion that is widely disseminated without any authority or confirmation of accuracy don't tell anyone I told you about the shake-up, but that's the word right now Synonyms buzz, dish, gossip, hearsay, noise, report, scuttlebutt, talk, tattle, rumorRelated Words tale, whisper, whispering; hint, intimation, rumbling; disinformation, propaganda; urban legend (also urban myth); dirt, scandal

  7. 7 a word or phrase that must be spoken by a person in order to pass a guard “What's the word?” demanded the sentry Synonyms countersign, watchword, passwordRelated Words shibboleth, sign; signal; hint, indication; parole

  8. 8 an often stated observation regarding something from common experience are there truer words than “never look a gift horse in the mouth”? Synonyms adage, aphorism, apothegm, byword, epigram, maxim, proverb, saw, sententia, sayingRelated Words bromide, cliché (also cliche), commonplace, platitude, wheeze; expression, felicity; axiom, motto, precept, truism, truth; formula; comment, note, reflection, remark



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  1. to convey in appropriate or telling terms tried to word the declaration exactly right Synonyms articulate, clothe, couch, express, formulate, put, say, state, phraseRelated Words craft, frame; hint, imply, insinuate, intimate, suggest; paraphrase, rephrase, restate, reword, summarize, translate; communicate, disclose, speak, talk, tell, utter, verbalize, vocalize; describe, render, write up

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