Synonyms and Antonyms of statement

  1. 1 a record of goods sold or services performed together with the costs due received a statement from the plumber in the mail Synonyms account, check, invoice, {h,1}bill, tabRelated Words receipt, reckoning; document, ledger, record; charge, cost, expense, fee, price, rate, toll; score, tally

  2. 2 an act, process, or means of putting something into words a careful statement of the legal case before the court Synonyms articulation, formulation, phrasing, expression, utterance, verbalism, voice, wordingRelated Words outlet, vent; observation, reflection, remark, thought; speech, tongue

  3. 3 something that is said her statement was met with considerable skepticism Synonyms word, utteranceRelated Words communication, message; announcement, declamation, declaration, manifesto, proclamation, pronouncement; verbalization, vocalization

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