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How does the adjective stately differ from other similar words?

Some common synonyms of stately are grandiose, grand, imposing, magnificent, and majestic. While all these words mean "large and impressive," stately may suggest poised dignity, erectness of bearing, handsomeness of proportions, ceremonious deliberation of movement.

the stately procession

When can grand be used instead of stately?

Although the words grand and stately have much in common, grand adds to greatness of size the implications of handsomeness and dignity.

a grand staircase

Where would grandiose be a reasonable alternative to stately?

The synonyms grandiose and stately are sometimes interchangeable, but grandiose implies a size or scope exceeding ordinary experience, but is most commonly applied derogatorily to inflated pretension or absurd exaggeration.

grandiose hydroelectric projects
grandiose schemes

When would imposing be a good substitute for stately?

The words imposing and stately are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Specifically, imposing implies great size and dignity but especially stresses impressiveness.

an imposing edifice

When is it sensible to use magnificent instead of stately?

While in some cases nearly identical to stately, magnificent implies an impressive largeness proportionate to scale without sacrifice of dignity or good taste.

magnificent paintings

How is majestic related to other words for stately?

Majestic combines the implications of imposing and stately and usually adds a suggestion of solemn grandeur.

a majestic waterfall

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