Synonyms and Antonyms of elegant

  1. 1 having or showing elegance the most elegant First Lady in the nation's history the bride's elegant gown received nothing but praise Synonyms of elegant classy, courtly, fine, graceful, handsome, majestic, refined, stately, tasteful Words Related to elegant august, baronial, gallant, glorious, grand, heroic (also heroical), imposing, lavish, luxurious, magnificent, monumental, noble, ornate, proud, regal, rich, royal, splendid, superb; artful, genteel, polished, sophisticated; classic, conservative, exquisite, quiet, restrained, simple, understated; aristocratic, patrician; à la mode (also a la mode), chic, fashionable, in, modish, posh, sharp, sleek, smart, snappy, stylish, swagger, swank (or swanky); affected, grandiose, ostentatious, pretentious, recherché Near Antonyms of elegant cheesy, coarse, crude, flamboyant, flashy, garish, gaudy, glitzy, grotesque, loud, raffish, splashy, tacky, tawdry, ticky-tacky (also ticky-tack); rough-edged, rough-hewn, rude, trashy, uncouth, uncultivated, uncultured, unpolished, unrefined, vulgar Antonyms of elegant dowdy, graceless, inelegant, styleless, tasteless, unfashionable, unhandsome, unstylish

  2. 2 having qualities that appeal to a refined taste prepared an elegant dinner for the honored guests Synonyms of elegant dainty, delicate, choice, exquisite, fine, rare, recherché, selectWords Related to elegant bijou, jewellike; better, exceptional, fancy, high-grade, special; elite, exclusive; classic, excellent, fabulous, first-class, first-rate, grand, great, marvelous (or marvellous), noble, outstanding, par excellence, premium, prime, sensational, splendid, stellar, sterling, superb, superior, superlative, supernal, terrific, tip-top, top, top-notch, transcendant, unsurpassed, wonderful; ultrarareNear Antonyms of elegant coarse, gross, kitsch, kitschy, lowbrow, raffish, rough, rough-hewn, tasteless, uncultivated, uncultured, unpolished, unrefined, vulgar; commercial, mass-produced, popular; common, ordinary; average, lesser, mediocre, run-of-the-mill, run-of-the-mine (or run-of-mine), second-class, second-rate; deficient, inferior, low-grade, substandard, unacceptable, unsatisfactory, wanting

Synonym Discussion of elegant

choice, exquisite, elegant, rare, delicate, dainty mean having qualities that appeal to a cultivated taste. choice stresses preeminence in quality or kind.
    • choice fabric
exquisite implies a perfection in workmanship or design that appeals only to very sensitive taste.
    • an exquisite gold bracelet
elegant applies to what is rich and luxurious but restrained by good taste.
    • a sumptuous but elegant dining room
rare suggests an uncommon excellence.
    • rare beauty
delicate implies exquisiteness, subtlety, and fragility.
    • delicate craftsmanship
dainty sometimes carries an additional suggestion of smallness and of appeal to the eye or palate.
    • dainty sandwiches

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