Synonyms and Antonyms of popular

  1. 1 enjoying widespread favor or approval an actor who was popular in the 1970s Synonyms of popular big, crowd-pleasing, du jour, faddish, faddy, fashionable, favorite, happening, hot, in, large, modish, pop, popularized, red-hot, vogue, voguish Words Related to popular semipopular; favorite, preferred, selected; desirable, liked, wanted; celebrated, famed, famous, noted, notorious, prominent, renowned, well-known; fabled, fabulous, legendary; leading, notable, outstanding, prominent, remarkable; important, significant Near Antonyms of popular washed-up; despised, detested, disliked, hated, rejected; insignificant, unimportant; indistinguished, unexceptional; anonymous, nameless, obscure, unknown; inconspicuous Antonyms of popular out, unfashionable, unpopular

  2. 2 accepted, used, or practiced by most people the popular custom of exchanging greeting cards during the holiday season Synonyms of popular conventional, customary, going, current, prevailing, prevalent, standard, stock, usualWords Related to popular average, common, everyday, normal, ordinary; regular, routine; epidemic, ubiquitous, universal, widespread; accustomed, wonted; fashionable, in, modish, stylishNear Antonyms of popular abnormal, exceptional, extraordinary, uncommonAntonyms of popular nonstandard, unconventional, unpopular, unusual

  3. 3 held by or applicable to a majority of the people popular opinion on that issue has changed dramatically over the years Synonyms of popular common, majority, overall, general, prevailing, public, received, ruling, vulgarWords Related to popular unanimous, universal; pop; everyday, familiar, household, usual, well-known; contemporary, current, present; dominant, predominant, preponderant; characteristic, typical; pandemic, pervasive, prevalent, rife, widespread; communal, sharedNear Antonyms of popular rare, strange, unknown, unusual; distinctive, especial, idiosyncratic, peculiar, special, unique; individual, separate, singular; nonpublic, personal, privateAntonyms of popular uncommon, unpopular

  4. 4 of, relating to, or favoring political democracy a truly popular revolution, not one that replaced one dictatorship with another Synonyms of popular democratic, republican, self-governing, self-rulingWords Related to popular representative; libertarian, nontotalitarianNear Antonyms of popular autocratic (also autocratical), despotic, dictatorial, monarchal (or monarchial), monarchical (also monarchic), tyrannical (also tyrannic)Antonyms of popular nondemocratic, undemocratic

  5. 5 being within the financial means of most people from their inception, DVDs were designed to be sold directly to consumers at popular prices Synonyms of popular affordable, accessibleWords Related to popular bargain-basement, budget, cheap, discount, inexpensive, low, low-end, rock-bottom; moderate, modest, reasonableNear Antonyms of popular costly, dear, expensive, high, high-end, upscale

  6. 6 costing little we also have the popular models, for those who prefer not to invest too much in a new TV Synonyms of popular affordable, bargain-basement, budget, cheapie, cheapo, chintzy, cut-price [chiefly British], cut-rate, dime-store, dirt cheap, el cheapo, inexpensive, low, low-end, cheap, reasonableWords Related to popular cheapish, moderate; discount, discounted, fire-sale, lowered, reduced; wholesale; valueless, worthless; supercheap, ultracheapNear Antonyms of popular increased, inflated; exorbitant, extravagant, overpriced, prohibitive, prohibitory, steep, stiff, superexpensive, ultraexpensive, unreasonable; invaluable, priceless; luxuriousAntonyms of popular costly, dear, deluxe, expensive, high, high-ticket, precious, premium, pricey (also pricy), spendy [chiefly Northwest], valuable

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to suppress quietly or indirectly

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