Synonyms and Antonyms of public

  1. 1 not known by only a select few the mayor's indiscretions have been public knowledge for some time Synonyms open Related Words general, popular; nonclassified, unclassified, well-known; advertised, aired, announced, broadcast, declared, disclosed, divulged, heralded, posted, proclaimed, promulgated, publicized, published, spotlighted; current, prevalent, rife, widespread; communal, shared; reported, reputed, rumored Phrases on record Near Antonyms classified; unadvertised, unannounced, undisclosed; clandestine, collusive, conspiratorial, covert; surreptitious, undercover, underhand, underhanded; intimate, personal; concealed, repressed, reserved, silenced, stifled, suppressed, withheld; recanted, retracted, revoked Antonyms confidential, private, privy, secret

  2. 2 freely available for use or participation by all a public swimming pool Synonyms free-for-all, open, unrestrictedRelated Words collective, common, communal, shared; accessible, available, free; unregulated, unreservedNear Antonyms limited; inaccessible, unavailableAntonyms closed, exclusive, off-limits, private, restricted

  3. 3 of or relating to a nation a trade agreement in the public interest Synonyms civil, nationalRelated Words civic, federal, municipal; government, governmental; domestic, internal, intestine; democratic, republican; nationwideNear Antonyms global, international; alien, external, foreignAntonyms nonnational

  4. 4 held by or applicable to a majority of the people public sentiment was against the war Synonyms common, majority, overall, popular, prevailing, general, received, ruling, vulgarRelated Words unanimous, universal; pop; everyday, familiar, household, usual, well-known; contemporary, current, present; dominant, predominant, preponderant; characteristic, typical; pandemic, pervasive, prevalent, rife, widespread; communal, sharedNear Antonyms rare, strange, unknown, unusual; distinctive, especial, idiosyncratic, peculiar, special, unique; individual, separate, singular; nonpublic, personal, privateAntonyms uncommon, unpopular

  5. 5 used or done by a number of people as a group public transportation Synonyms collaborative, combined, common, communal, concerted, conjoint, conjunct, cooperative, joint, multiple, mutual, pooled, collective, shared, unitedRelated Words bilateral, consensual, reciprocal, symbiotic, synergic, synergistic, two-way; mass, popular; general, generic, universalNear Antonyms personal, private; independent, separate, several; esoteric, particular, special, specializedAntonyms exclusive, individual, one-man, one-sided, one-way, single, sole, solitary, unilateral



Synonyms and Antonyms of public

  1. 1 human beings in general a lecture open to the public Synonyms folks, humanity, humankind, people, species, worldRelated Words community, society; crowd, masses, mob, populace, proletariat, rabble, rabblement, riffraff

  2. 2 the body of the community as contrasted with the elite the highbrows have always disdained his horror novels, but the public just eats them up Synonyms commoners, commons, crowd, herd, hoi polloi, millions, mob, multitude, people, plebeians, plebs, populace, mass, rank and fileRelated Words cattle, proletariat, rabble, rabblement, ragtag and bobtail, riffraff, rout, scum, tag, rag, and bobtail (or tagrag and bobtail), trash, unwashed; bourgeoisie, middle classNear Antonyms gentility, gentlefolk (also gentlefolks), gentry, haute monde, nobility, patriciate, peerage, quality, royalty, societyAntonyms A-list, aristocracy, best, choice, corps d'elite, cream, elect, elite, fat, flower, pick, pink, pride, upper crust

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