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  1. tending not to speak frequently (as by habit or inclination) a reserved and shy person who was wrongly thought to be stuck-up until someone finally got into a conversation with her Synonyms closemouthed, dumb, laconic, silent, reticent, taciturn, tight-lipped, uncommunicativeRelated Words aloof, indrawn, inhibited, introverted, silent, restrained; sedate, self-contained, sober, staid; backward, bashful, coy, demure, diffident, modest, retiring, self-effacing, sheepishNear Antonyms free-spoken, outspoken, vocal; gossipy, talebearing; diffuse, long-winded, prolix, rambling, verbose, windy, wordy; extroverted (also extraverted), gregarious, outgoing, sociableAntonyms blabby, chatty, communicative, conversational, gabby, garrulous, loquacious, motormouthed, mouthy, talkative, talky, unreserved

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a trip made at another's expense

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