Synonyms and Antonyms of coy

  1. 1 affecting shyness or modesty in order to attract masculine interest not wanting him to know that she was interested in him, she acted very coy at the dance Synonyms coquettish, demure, kittenish Related Words flirtatious, flirty, girlish; goody-goody, governessy, overmodest, priggish, prim, prudish Antonyms uncoy

  2. 2 not comfortable around people a coy toddler who hides whenever anyone comes to the house Synonyms backward, bashful, shy, demure, diffident, introverted, modest, recessive, retiring, self-effacing, sheepish, withdrawnRelated Words antisocial, lone, lone-wolf, unsociable, unsocial; awkward, embarrassed, self-conscious, unadventurous, unassertive, unenterprising; inhibited, reserved, uneasy, uptightNear Antonyms boon, clubbable (also clubable), companionable, convivial, gregarious, sociable, social; bold, dashing, forceful; brash, forward, overbold, uninhibited, unreservedAntonyms extroverted (also extraverted), immodest, outgoing

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