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  1. 1 likely to seek or enjoy the company of others he's an intensely sociable child, even prone to fits of depression when he's left alone Synonyms boon, clubbable (also clubable), clubby, companionable, extroverted (also extraverted), gregarious, outgoing, convivial, socialRelated Words cordial, folksy, forthcoming, friendly, hospitable; affable, genial, gracious; agreeable, amiable, congenial, kindly, neighborly; animated, gay, jaunty, jolly, jovial, lively, peppy, perky, pert, spirited, sprightful, sprightly, vivacious; communicative, expansive, garrulous, talkative; bright, buoyant, cheerful, chipper, effervescent, upbeat; bubbly, exuberant, high-spiritedNear Antonyms misanthropic; aloof, cold, cool, detached, distant, frosty, remote, reserved, standoffish; mum, mute, reticent, silent, taciturnAntonyms antisocial, insociable, introverted, nongregarious, reclusive, unsociable, unsocial

  2. 2 showing a natural kindness and courtesy especially in social situations a pleasant and sociable hostess who puts everyone instantly at ease Synonyms affable, cordial, genial, hospitable, graciousRelated Words agreeable, amiable, benign, benignant, congenial, convivial, friendly, kind, kindly, neighborly; accommodating, obliging; considerate, courteous, polite, thoughtful; cosmopolitan, sophisticated, urbane; approachable, attentive, outgoingNear Antonyms boorish, churlish; abrupt, blunt, brusque (also brusk), curt, gruff, sharp, snippy; antisocial, disagreeable, discourteous, ill-mannered, impolite, rude, sullen, surly, uncivil, unfriendly, unkind, unmannerly; crabbed, crabby, cross, crusty, grumpyAntonyms inhospitable, ungenial, ungracious, unsociable

  3. 3 tending to group with others of the same kind the sociable weaverbird breeds in large umbrella-shaped nests Synonyms gregarious, colonial, socialRelated Words associational, consociational, subsocial; dependent, parasitic (also parasitical), precocial, symbioticNear Antonyms autonomous, independent, self-contained, semiautonomous, semi-independent; altricial, self-subsistent, self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-sustaining; lone, recluse, reclusive, unsociableAntonyms nonsocial, solitary

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